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Home and Away to bring in Cash and Felicity’s foster dad Gary


Will he be able to make up with Felicity?

In forthcoming episodes of Home and Away, Felicity and Cash have a surprise visitor, but Gary’s presence is not one they look forward to.

Felicity, who is busy preparing for her wedding, is not as excited about Cash’s foster father’s appearance as Cash is.

Additionally, Cash’s tenacity in getting the couple together in time for the wedding appears to have the potential to negatively impact their own relationship.


When talking about the plot with TV Week, Jacqui Purvis noted, “They have a difficult history.” “He and Cash have her feeling ambushed.

“Cash doesn’t agree with her decision to avoid seeing him; instead, he coerces her into doing so. She and Cash become enmity-driven as a result.”

Jacqui added, “Gary came into her life after her dad died, which was frightening for her,” adding that a lot of Felicity’s problems with Gary are due to the way she handled him in the past.

“She naturally rebelled and mistreated Gary as a result. Now that she is feeling guilty, she doesn’t want to see him.”


Fortunately for them both, Gary is determined to not harbour any grudges. He draws her in for an embrace to reassure her that he has nothing against her.

If she doesn’t tackle this pain, “Flick realises she’ll never be able to go past this pain,” Jacqui continued.

Additionally, while Cash is repairing their father’s old ute in the garage, he discovers his mother’s long-lost jewellery, which is another favourable wedding omen.

For so long, the jewellery has been gone “As for the discovery, Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Cash, remarked.


And just as Cash is arranging for a piece of their father to attend Flick’s wedding, a piece of their mother also shows up.

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