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Home and Away’s Xander Delaney to quit amid feud storyline


In scenes that will soon air in Australia, Xander Delaney from Home and Away will resign from Salt as the fallout from Mackenzie Booth and Levi Fowler’s affair continues to devastate Summer Bay.

Due to the revelation of Mac and Levi’s hidden passion, the couple is now facing the anger of their neighbors and friends, who are angry that they have been having sexual relations behind Imogen, Levi’s wife,’s back.

The person who has been furious with Mac the most is Felicity Newman, her business partner, who told her, “I don’t know how you can live with yourself,” after learning the truth about her and Levi.

TV Week claims that in future scenes, the two’s conflict is expected to reach a breaking point, which would cause their Salt coworker Xander to quit his job.


A desperate Xander finds it difficult to stay at Salt as the atmosphere at work grows more and more nasty. In an effort to assist Mac and Felicity in resolving their issues amicably, he consequently arranges a mediation meeting.

Sadly, Xander soon faces accusations of picking sides and is compelled to make a difficult decision.

Actor Luke Van Os, who plays Xander, stated that it “hurts Xander and makes him more frustrated because he’s not choosing sides – he’s trying to be a friend and support both of them.”

“All he wants to do is come to work and escape the drama, but he’s caught between their fights all the time. He thus leaves his job when it gets too stressful and isn’t worth the fuss.”


Will Mac and Felicity learn from Xander’s shocking departure, or will their resentment overcome them?

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