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Three major Home and Away characters to return for iconic couple’s dream wedding


Next week, the most awaited marriage of the year in Summer Bay will take place when James Stewart’s character, Justin Morgan, and Ada Nicodemou’s character, Leah Patterson, tie the knot in Home and Away.

In addition, three former characters from the Channel 5 serial opera are returning to celebrate.

The couple’s past several years have been difficult since Leah was abducted, had a breakdown, and fell victim to the violent Vita Nova cult. She thought about moving to new pastures last month as a result.

But after telling Justin everything, the two made the decision to be cautious and not discuss their wedding preparations.


Leah checked herself into the mental health facility for an additional week after realizing she was still doubting herself.

As for Justin, he’s been left in charge of organizing the entire event and he has a lot of surprises planned, like celebrating with John Palmer (Shane Withington)!

She eventually makes her way down the aisle in a gorgeous white gown in later scenes, eager to tie the knot and formalize their five-year love.

Fans of the drama may recognize some familiar faces among the crowd, surrounded by family and friends.


His sister Tori (Penny McNamee), who hasn’t been seen in three years, is the first of these. Together with her new spouse Christian, the doctor departed for greener pastures in London.

Returning is Justin’s daughter Ava (Annabel Wolfe), who left the show the previous year after going after Matt Evans’s character Theo Poulos and tricking her father into thinking she had been abducted in an attempt to gain more attention.

He might go to jail after locating her “kidnapper” and assaulting him.

We’re not sure she’ll meet with much happiness!


VJ Patterson (Matt Little), who left the nation for Cyprus six years ago with his daughter Luc following a protracted custody dispute, is the final returnee.

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