Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Home and Away’s Xander Delaney surprises Rose after sad death



After hearing of a tragic death in Home and Away, Xander Delaney will surprise Rose.

Future episodes of Channel 5 will show paramedic Xander dealing with the loss of a patient once more, but this time he reacts drastically differently.

Xander has made a commitment to get a tattoo after each patient he loses because losing a patient while working has in the past had a negative impact on his mental health.

Because of these continual reminders of the most trying times in a paramedic’s career, Xander’s loved ones are concerned about how he is handling his work.


The first new scene will see Xander feeling more confident than ever about his profession as he tells Rose that he nearly had a baby and is now feeling like himself again at work.

When Xander receives a call alerting him that one of his previous patients has passed away, he quickly experiences a setback.

This time, Xander makes Rose a promise that he’s not taking it personally in an effort to put on a brave face. Additionally, this patient’s death was brought on by a medical issue unrelated to his most recent treatment.

Given that Xander has experienced incredibly dark moments after losing someone, Rose is not confident that he is being completely honest about how he is feeling.


To discover out if Rose is right to be worried about her brother’s emotional wellbeing, viewers will need to tune in, at UK pace.

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