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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos to have second thoughts in drugs storyline


Theo Poulos, who plays a drug dealer in Home and Away, will regret it.

Recently, Theo started a covert relationship with Valerie Beaumont, a newcomer who made friends with his aunt Leah Patterson when she was receiving inpatient treatment at a mental health facility.

Valerie gave him medications to “help with stress” after he confided in her about his struggles in school and with his music, which has put him on a dangerous path.

Theo and Valerie return home from a late-night party in scenes that will premiere on Friday, May 10 in the UK.


Theo is exhausted and ready to go to sleep, but Valerie finds it difficult to focus on the silence as she is alone with her thoughts.

Theo tells Valerie he’s falling in love when they’re cuddling in bed. Valerie leaps out of bed and quickly leaves after hearing his admission, which doesn’t go down well.

Later, upset that she could disappoint him, Valerie begs Theo to retract what he said. In addition, she says that after losing her own parents, she fears that Leah and Justin would throw her out.

Valerie subsequently takes Theo home, and as soon as they get there, she takes out a couple of tablets and forces him to take them with her.


A worried Theo swallows a tablet under the pretence of taking one, but when Valerie closes her eyes, he realises that things are going out of control and immediately throws the medicine away. Is Theo going to confide in someone?

Actor Courtney Clarke previously disclosed that Valerie experiences “trauma and self-loathing,” which impacts her decision to travel to Summer Bay, while discussing the origin of her character in an interview with TV Week.

By the time she meets Leah in the clinic, she has been through a lot of pain and self-loathing. After determining that spending time with her new acquaintance would be beneficial, Valerie travels to Summer Bay “said the statement.

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