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Home and Away promo sees Felicity move on from Tane


Felicity is finally ready to move on from Tane, according to a new Home and Away teaser, but her choice of man is a bit too near and dear.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane (Ethan Browne) broke up last year after Tane found out that Flick continued to take birth control pills despite their agreement to try for a child.

Tane hoped that Felicity, who had always made it obvious that she had no desire for children, would eventually change her mind about having a family as well, given that she had changed her mind about getting married.

After returning from a trip to New Zealand, where he was surrounded by several generations of his kiwi family, Tane brought up the subject last September, but Felicity shot him down right away.


She said, “I’m never going to change my mind about having a baby,” but in the end, she caved in and consented to try for a child after realising how much her husband was suffering as a result of her choice.

Still, she kept taking the medication covertly. Felicity told Mackenzie (Emily Weir) that it was just a temporary measure while she prepared for parenthood when she was found, but Tane quickly found out about her secret and they called it quits on their marriage.

Felicity hasn’t had the guts to move on until recently, but Tane swiftly recovered as he hit the clubs and brought back a number of random ladies to his new shared house with Mackenzie and Mali (Kyle Shilling).

Felicity has tried her best to support her estranged husband Tane, who is facing charges for kidnapping baby Poppy (or Maia, as he christened her after finding her abandoned on the shore), assuring him that she will always be there for him even after they have broken up.


But Tane won’t be that pleased with her next move, I think.

In the new teaser, Tane is shown angrily telling Felicity, “I don’t need help from you,” in the upcoming episode. We’re nothing now; we’re not even together.

Felicity is so curious when she orders a drink for herself from a dapper patron who is working hard on a laptop at Salt.

In the following image, Flick and Tane’s enigmatic newcomer are seen sharing a passionate kiss in the doorway of Flick’s former residence before Flick gestures for him to go to the bedroom.


The next moment we see of the two is just after their enjoyable time in the bedroom, when the man says Flick, “It’s been a pleasure,” and kisses her hand.

Felicity regrettably runs into her one-night stand again quickly, and this time he has company.

“Why are you only spending one night with Tane?” inquires Eden, sounding slightly amused, as they enter Salt and witness Tane and Harper (Jessica Redmayne) engaged in a contentious discussion with the newcomer.

Flick looks at you horrified and breathlessly whispers, “I don’t know.”

When Tane suddenly appears at the bar, Eden asks, “Who’s your friend?” and receives the response Felicity was afraid to hear.

“It’s my attorney,”


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