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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos risks being caught out in dark storyline


This week, Theo Poulos of Home and Away almost gets exposed thanks to his sinister new plot.

Recently, Australian watchers have witnessed Theo start dating problematic newcomer Valerie; the two have been close since their relationship.

While Theo’s aunt Leah Patterson is receiving treatment for her recent kidnapping trauma in a mental health facility, the newlyweds have been keeping their romance a secret.

But Theo has also been hiding the truth that, after Valerie urged him to use drugs for fun, he has started experimenting with recreational use.


TV Week has stated that Valerie’s trauma will resurface in new scenes that will run in Australia this week, right before Leah’s scheduled comeback. Justin, Leah’s partner, senses that something is off.

James Stewart, who plays Justin, stated that “Justin is wary because Valerie is someone Leah met in the clinic and he isn’t sure why Valerie was there.” “Justin’s had experience with people in clinics… it doesn’t bode well for him.”

Theo is pleased about using drugs at first, but when Valerie, who is in recovery, begs him to buy additional pills, he quickly finds himself in an embarrassing predicament.

Valerie gently presses Theo to comply with her desire, but Theo refuses.


According to Courtney Clarke, who plays Valerie, “Theo becomes somewhat of a safe space for Valerie – he may be the only person in the Bay who knows who she truly is – and he develops a need to protect her.” “Their connection is special.”

The0 eventually caves in while relaxing on the beach, right as his ex Kirby Aramoana shows up to talk about some fresh concepts for Lyrik.

When Kirby sees Valerie’s emotional state, she becomes enraged at Theo. Justin, meanwhile, is present for the entire event.

Justin tries to talk to Theo honestly about what he and Valerie have been up to, worried about Leah’s imminent return home. Will Theo divulge all of his information, or will he keep his unsettling actions hidden?


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