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Home and Away spoiler: The Surf Club troubles get worse


Simon Henderson’s participation with the Surf Club committee members who have submitted their notice will be questioned by Rose. John and Alf are a little worried that plan might backfire, though.

As soon as Rose brings up the members of the resignation committee, Simon, predictably, hangs up on her. To further matters, he tells Alf that if anyone challenges him, he would be terminating his sponsorship completely.

Roo, who is preparing the paperwork to become the club secretary, gives the surviving committee members hope even though they are in danger. It addresses a single issue, but the sinking Surf Club will need much more help to find a solution.

Despite Eden’s encouragement to use a dating app, Felicity gripes that it’s too soon to consider dating once more. When a patron at Salt writes his phone number on a napkin for her, she starts to doubt her resolve. She summons the strength to call, thanks to Xander’s encouragement, but she hangs up after just one ring and verges on a panic attack.


Felicity acknowledges to Xander, who is encouraging, that she believed she was getting better, but it’s obvious that she’s not. As it happens, moving on entails more than merely replacing a few rings in a box.

Cash returns from his suspension review somewhere else. He’s not sure how quickly they’ll decide, but he’s certain it will take however long it takes. While he and Eden are enjoying some fresh air, Kirby, who is trying to fix Remi’s bike, interrupts them. Cash helps Kirby chase Rose in an attempt to help realise her wish that if Remi could be put back together, then so could his bike.

Cash eventually receives a call from the station late at night with an update. The good news is that he can return to his previous position, albeit with a reduced role and fewer responsibilities. He tells them to shove it, clearly hurt. Is Cash truly gone from the police?

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