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Home and Away spoilers: Theo pushed out of Lyrik as Bob rejoins them on stage?


Bob (Rob Mallet) recently made a triumphant comeback to the Bay, and he has a specific goal in mind: he wants to win Kirby (Angelina Thomson) back.

He is startled, though, that no one is extending a kind welcome to him and is instead making it obvious that he is free to leave once more. To his dismay, Kirby makes it quite plain that she and Theo (Matt Evans) are a match made in heaven, and that Lyrik is flourishing more than ever without his help.

He tries to talk to Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), but they’ve always been Team Kirby and didn’t like his attitude in the past. He then makes the accusation that Theo’s relationship with Kirby has always been this way in an attempt to insult Theo. They part ways, then reconcile… Theo is merely a comeback. Although Theo is momentarily startled, it quickly becomes apparent that nothing Bob may say will have any effect on him.

Bob’s arrogance is put aside as he becomes frightened and starts pleading with Kirby. He requests permission to perform onstage with Lyrik one final time in an effort to advance his music career, which has suffered since he quit the band. Bob’s vulnerability surprises Kirby; it’s not like him. She thinks about his proposal and reluctantly accepts…

Remi and Eden are less than thrilled with the idea of performing again with the man who almost tore them apart as the two leave for the vehicle. But only because Kirby tries so hard to win them over do they reluctantly consent to one song. Theo hears a voicemail from Kirby updating him, and his heart sinks.


At Salt, in the meantime, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) has hired additional employees for the occasion, and Justin (James Stewart) has invited a reputable journalist to check out the performance. When the band shows up, they are unable to locate Theo.

Bob seizes the chance to enthusiastically claim that he can take Theo’s position because he is familiar with all the tunes. Will Lyrik leave Theo behind and return to Bob?

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