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Home and Away’s Tane Parata to make a big mistake in baby storyline


Tane Parata from Home and Away will experience a significant setback in the baby narrative this week.

After finding a baby in a bag on the beach, Tane decided to try to take on the role of primary carer for the infant, whom he has named Maia, and refused to leave her side when she was admitted to the hospital.

This week, in scenes that will run on TV Week, Harper shows up at the hospital, gives Tane the newspaper for the day, and apologises. He discovers as he opens it that he has been the subject of an article that labels him as “obsessed” with the child.

It turns out that Dana Harper, Harper’s sister, was duped by a journalist into giving an interview, and her responses were used in this damning piece.


Tane is naturally tense since, in addition to the stress of the baby’s condition, his character is being attacked. But Tane loses his fury and lashes out when the same journalist shows up at the hospital and tries to build the narrative.

He succeeds in getting the journalist to depart, but not before getting a formal complaint.

Will that prevent him from being Maia’s carer and result in even more unfavourable articles about him?

In the past, Tane’s friends have expressed concern about him, believing that he is using this baby as a means of coping with the dissolution of his marriage.


“He’s trying to figure out what to do with himself, but he’s doing very well and the future is looking hopeful,” said actor Ethan Browne of Tane.

“He wants to ensure that this baby has the best possible home and care.” Since he found her, he can’t help but feel accountable for her.”

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