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Home and Away spoilers: Is Tane going to LEAVE Summer Bay?

Home and Away – EP 8188 Tane (E.BROWNE) returns to the Bay and bumps in Felicity (J.PURVIS) who asks how his trip was

How likely is it that Jacqui Purvis’s Felicity Newman and Ethan Browne’s Tane Parata, the couple’s estranged husband, will reconcile on Home and Away? (1:45pm – see our TV Guide for listings).

Felicity is feeling optimistic following their surprise overnight together.

But the next morning, after the previous night, Tane is aloof and frigid, shattering Felicity’s romantic bubble.

He’s actually entirely focused on his business as he rushes to the Surf Club for a meeting!


Did Felicity imagine their tense exchange from the previous evening?

Tane regrettably believes that their one-night stand was a MISTAKE.

Now he wishes to put some time and space between them.

An enormously long distance…


When Tane says he’s decided to return to New Zealand and leave Summer Bay, Felicity is taken aback!

Simon Henderson’s decision to withhold his sponsorship money has put the Surf Club in serious danger.

George Parker’s character Roo Stewart and Shane Withington’s character John Palmer are trying to save money.

Her suggestion to raise the rent for all companies in the Surf Club building, nevertheless, does not sit well with Roo’s father Alf (Ray Meagher).


However, when Roo learns that the Club has just received an EXCITING $30,000 grant, perhaps unanticipated assistance is on the way!

WHO is the surnamed lifesaver from Surf Club?

Even now, Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) is unable to understand the nature of her relationship with Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey).

It’s clear that Mackenzie and her now-former doctor click.

Levi, though, is still unsure about them.

While taking a stroll around the beach, Mackenzie presses Levi to provide some clarification.


Putting Levi on the position appears to work since later on, their relationship heated up once more!

But as soon as they enter the bedroom, Levi gives a brief explanation and leaves!

Mackenzie won’t be pleased when she learns the TRUE cause of Levi’s intermittent behaviour.

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