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Home and Away spoiler: Theo feels caught in the middle


Leah quickly enlists a reluctant Theo to watch over Justin after telling him that they can’t be together at this time. When they work together that day, Justin, in turn, quizzes Theo nonstop on everything Leah does. With the obvious hope that Leah will be there, he then sends Theo to the Diner for their lunch.

Theo tells Leah he’s had enough, saying he can’t be involved in their relationship drama and that Justin is falling apart after a worried Marilyn confides her concern for him. Leah is drawn to this news as a moth is to a flame. She tells Justin that they need to discuss since they can’t continue this way.

Cash, meantime, is savouring life after leaving the police force, but Eden is understandably concerned that he has abandoned his entire profession at the drop of a hat. When Rose finds out that her friend is no longer a police officer, she is equally astonished and soon she is at Cash’s house since she can’t believe they fired him.

She becomes even more incensed when Cash explains his resignation and the reasons behind it, emphasising that he will be unable to assist or alter anything if he steps down.


Later on, Cash confides in Eden and acknowledges that he might have been a little too quick. Even with a demotion, he has already advanced through the police ranks, therefore there is no reason why he can’t do it again.

But Rose isn’t coming to the house to pull his leg again when she shows up the second time that day. Rather, it comes with her own good news: she has been given the opportunity to advance to Cash’s status, which essentially means she is taking over his position. Cash congratulates Rose with a stony expression. Is Cash’s relationship with the cops coming to an end?

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