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Home and Away’s Tane Parata to face prison in baby story


Tane Parata from Home and Away will likely go to jail due to latest developments in the abandoned baby plot.

Tane discovered an abandoned baby at the beach a few weeks ago, and since then, she has devoted almost all of her waking hours to caring for her in the hospital. He gave her the name Maia and began the process of obtaining formal guardianship for her.

However, Tane stole the infant and left the scene once Maia’s mother showed up and he was given a legal warning to avoid the hospital.

Scenes that will air this week in Australia and in May in the UK see Tane turning himself in to the police upon discovering that Maia is the subject of a national search. He is apprehended right away and is put on trial.


Tane thinks that Maia will not succeed in the system, despite his efforts to keep her out of it, but things aren’t looking good for him.

Tane’s actor, Ethan Browne, stated to TV Week that “he’s facing prison time for sure.”

Nurse Dana persuaded Tane to accompany her to the hospital so that Tane could see Maia, so Tane isn’t the only one in trouble.

She simply assumed he was saying farewell, but Tane was able to flee with the infant in tow since she left them alone. Dana has therefore been left feeling quite guilty about what transpired.


Actress Ally Harris stated that her Dana persona is “reasonable enough to know she couldn’t have predicted this.”

“But it’s a simple case of were he not there with her, he couldn’t have taken her.”

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