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Home and Away’s Bree Cameron to make decision over exit dilemma


Bree Cameron of Home and Away is about to decide what to do with her life in Summer Bay after thinking about joining Doctors Without Borders.

Bree has had a challenging few months since submitting her application to join the humanitarian organisation. She had to travel outside of the Bay to see her father after finding out he was critically injured in an accident and needed life support.

After Remi’s recent motorcycle accident, Bree was first hesitant to leave him; then, when she got back to the Bay, she broke the even more heartbreaking news that her father had passed away from his wounds.

Scenes from the UK’s upcoming episode will have Bree having to decide what to do with her life after getting an email from Doctors Without Borders offering her a position.


Bree finds herself unsure of what to do since the training is scheduled to begin in Belgium in just two weeks, but an excited Remi is adamant that they would manage a long-distance relationship during her time away.

Remi promises to wait for Bree to return, but Bree surprises him by telling him she doesn’t want to go because her personal life has altered so drastically since she initially applied to the programme.

Remi is worried that Bree is turning down his offer to stay behind and take care of him, but he is adamant that he doesn’t want her to decline the chance merely because of his injuries from the motorcycle accident.

Bree eventually admits her true motivation for not wanting to go—that she regrets not spending more time with her dad before he died away—after they argue about their divergent viewpoints.


Bree claimed she didn’t want to repeat her mistakes and instead chose to spend her time with her mother and Remi, the people she loves the most. She acknowledged that she would do anything to go back in time and spend more time with her dad.

Will Remi, though, respect her choice to stay in Summer Bay?

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