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Home and Away’s Dana Matheson to suffer a new romantic setback


Dana Matheson from Home and Away will experience a romantic letdown when Irene Roberts and her sister Harper tamper with her newfound love interest.

Irene is adamant that she wants to help Dana with her secret crush in scenes that will air for UK audiences next week. Dana gives in and requests guidance, acknowledging that she is finding it challenging to be around this “friend” even though she is in love with them.

She should either befriend this person, Irene suggests, or be honest about her feelings and try her hand at a relationship.

Subsequently, Irene boasts to Harper that she has discovered Xander to be the person Dana is crushing on. When she realises Harper has no idea what she’s talking about, she suddenly regrets saying anything at all.


After hearing that news, Harper talks to Xander at Salt and then turns the topic of relationships and Dana. Based on Xander’s answers, she feels mistreated and runs to her sister, implying that she needs to tell him how she really feels.

When an optimistic Dana goes to see Xander, she expresses her desire to be more than just friends, but he declines. She is horrified when he says he doesn’t feel the same way.

After their awkward meeting, Xander goes after Dana, but his attempts to console her backfire when he tells her that he views her as a little sister.

By the time Dana gets to Harper and Irene, she is furious and accuses them of telling her to go for it only to have her shot down.


Then, worried that he has destroyed his bond with Dana, Xander confides in Rose.

He’s shocked to learn that his sister already knew that Dana had a thing on him when he informs her. He grumbles that it would have been good to have been warned.

Rose contends that Dana deserves his generosity and candour, therefore he should talk to her directly and work things out.

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