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Home and Away’s Tane Parata goes too far in baby storyline


Tane Parata from Home and Away will go afoul of the law next week for his obstinate disregard for young Maia.

When Tane starts to worry that Maia might not be well, he won’t give up on her, but in Rose Delaney’s books, his recent antics prove to be too much.

Tane questions local nurse Dana Matheson about Maia’s hospital progress in the upcoming Channel 5 shows.

Maia’s temperature is brought up by Dana, but she reassures him that there is no need for concern. But Tane gets suspicious right away that Maia is ill, so he goes to the hospital to see how she is doing.


When Rose discovers Tane there, she is upset and tells him that he should no longer be spending time with Maia.

Rose informs Tane that she is arranging for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO), which will formally compel him to avoid the hospital, because Tane has chosen to disregard the guidelines.

Tane continues to stand his ground and insists that Maia needs him. When Rose realises she can no longer handle the situation on her own, she calls in reinforcement from her fellow police officers.

Dana tells Tane that the doctor needs to see Maia for a little while, which serves as a diversion. She wheels the infant away, giving Rose time to show up with her serjeant and give Tane the formal order to depart.


Rose makes it apparent that Tane must accompany them immediately or she will be forced to put him under arrest.

Rose goes over the specifics of the AVO she is submitting against Tane down at the station. She tells Tane to stop making things more difficult for himself because she is upset about him getting into this predicament.

When Roo Stewart learns that Tane is being targeted by the police, she is taken aback.

Rose is unwilling to back down, even when Roo runs down to the station and begs her to drop the AVO.


For Roo, the matter is personal because she has been thinking about seeking to be Maia’s emergency foster carer in order to eventually assist Tane in taking care of the child.

Tane’s actions are endangering the plan, so Roo has a private conversation with him and tells him to avoid the hospital. Tane retaliates, asking why he is being viewed as a villain when all he wants to do is lend a hand.

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