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Home and Away confirms change for Cash and Stevie story


Next week, Cash Newman from Home and Away will make a big decision by inviting Stevie Marlow to stay with him.

Because he can no longer ensure Stevie’s safety while he’s not there, Cash makes the decision to make this significant alteration to her ongoing protection.

Cash seeks to spend some quality time with his girlfriend Eden Fowler in the Channel 5 episodes airing next week, following her recent concerns that he’s pushing her out with his new job.

Since Stevie begged Cash for assistance over her scary stalker, he has been spending the majority of his time with the actress. But his relationship has suffered as a result of this.


Next week, as Cash and Eden relish their time together, the former police officer’s phone vibrates with a notification.

Cash has alerts set up for Stevie’s social media, and when he discovers that someone has shared an image of the outside of her hotel, his worst suspicions are validated.

This indicates that Stevie’s whereabouts has been disclosed, endangering her security once more.

Cash dashes to the hotel to see Stevie, risking Eden’s anger in the process. When Cash brings Stevie home with him and announces that she will be living with him in the near future, things get much worse.


Cash assists Stevie in settling into a spare room, and Eden approaches him, questioning if this is truly a smart idea. She also wonders why, since Stevie has access to so many other bodyguards, Cash must bring his business home with him in this manner.

Cash makes it plain that he chose this course of action and that Stevie’s life is obviously in jeopardy, making these unique circumstances.

After overhearing the disagreement, Stevie tells Cash she doesn’t want to ruin their relationship before packing her things and leaving once more.

Cash steps in and talks Stevie into staying. Eden confides in Remi Carter, her closest friend, in the interim, and he helps her to understand Cash’s perspective.


Soon after, Cash and Eden decide to have a conversation and try to work things out. However, has Cash invited Stevie to stay in the Bay, bringing trouble and danger to his door?

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