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New Home and Away promo sees Cash and Rose get steamy and many shocking scenes


Cash and Rose are about to shatter Jasmine’s heart as they get steamy in the back of their police car on next week’s episode of Home and Away in Australia, which features love, drama, and a big dose of deception.

The dramatic promo first aired after Thursday’s triple bill, and it gives viewers a glimpse into an action-packed week on Home and Away, which includes Tane asking Felicity to move in, Theo dealing with the fallout from Leah and Justin’s latest interference, and Dean adjusting to life alone in the farmhouse.

From the minute she arrived in Summer Bay, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) had a thing for Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

Before they knew about their mutual link to Jasmine (Sam Frost), the two met at the outdoor pool, and Rose spent no time in inspecting Cash’s physique as he went for his morning swim.


Rose quickly realised that Cash was the step-brother of the step-sister she and Xander (Luke Van Os) were looking for, and any lusty feelings were quickly put to the side.

When she nabbed a petty criminal who had stolen cash (the money type) from the Diner till, she caught Cash off guard, and it was revealed that she and Cash (the muscular kind) shared the same employment.

When she transferred to the Northern Districts Police Station, she was able to work beside her crush, allowing her to spend more time with half-brother Xander and get to know Jasmine.

Rose and Jasmine may have taken a few weeks and a ball to the face to warm up to each other, but they’re now friends, and Xander’s increasing feelings for Millie (Zara Zoe) has produced the greatest turmoil among the three siblings in recent weeks.


But all of that is about to change, and in a shocking way.

According to the blurb for the episode showing next Wednesday, June 8th, “fun Cash makes a cameo” – and it appears like he’s about to have a bit too much fun.

Cash is well-known for not being a big drinker, preferring soft drinks over beer and only drinking alcoholic beverages when there’s something special to celebrate. So, perhaps his tolerance for alcohol isn’t the greatest, because a few drinks cause him to make a catastrophic mistake that threatens to tear the Delaney family apart once more.

Rose and Cash are seen laughing together in the promo before drunkenly staggering down the downstairs of the surf club arm in arm.


Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) then asks Rose, accusingly, “What’s with you and my brother?” – based on Rose’s clothes, which match those in a later part of the teaser, this appears to be from after their drunken shenanigans.

Rose responds, “There’s nothing going on,” although this does not appear to be the case.

In the following scene, Felicity and Tane come find Cash’s cop car, which has its windows steamed up.

Felicity rushes over to the car and bangs on the back window, sensing something unusual is going on.

From within, we see a hand wiping away the moisture and peering through the window – Cash, still dressed in the same orange shirt; he’s definitely spent the night in the car’s rear seat!

Rose, I’m lying down behind him, sharing the back seat with him!


The expression on Felicity’s face tells it all. What have you done, Cash?

The news has taken everyone by surprise, including Flick. Xander soon discovers the truth and serves his sister, reminding her, “Rose, he’s our sister’s boyfriend!”

“Do you think I’m not aware of that?”

“Felicity is forced to lie to Cash,” according to the synopses for the future episodes, probably because she needs to explain to Jasmine why her lover didn’t return home the night before. Then “Cash hides the truth from Jasmine” – but as we all know, nothing stays hidden for long in soap land.

Finally, in the triple bill’s final episode, we’re asked, “Does Rose have feelings for her coworker?”

We’re going to go with yes on that one.

It’s unclear whether anything transpired between them in the back of the car, but their steamy night together is bound to have major ramifications.

Sam Frost recorded Jasmine’s final scenes in December 2021, so we’ve known for a long that she’ll be leaving Summer Bay. It now appears that this new plot will play a significant role in her impending departure.

Nicholas Cartwright has disclosed that Jasmine leaves abruptly and that it has a significant impact on his character Cash.

After their sibling’s departure, Rose and Xander are also a little confused, but Cash takes them under his wing – whether there’s romance in the cards for Cash and Rose, or whether it was just one wild night with devastating repercussions, remains to be seen…

Theo (Matt Evans) gets a cold reception from the Paratas, as Tane (Ethan Browne) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) interrogate him about his plans with Chloe (Sam Barrett), before Tane elbows him into the Parata swimming pool during a group photo.

If he thought Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) were tense, wait till he sees what he’s about to see…

A lot of sequences from last Thursday’s triple bill are also featured in the promo.

As she packed her belongings and left the farmhouse, Ziggy told Dean, “I love you too much to sit here and wait for the day you don’t return home.”

She’d waited a long time while Dean and the River Boys dealt with Nathan (Ryan Panizza), and she was afraid they’d do something that would put Dean back in jail.

Ziggy returns to the bay in the upcoming episodes, but their “reunion” turns sour before Ziggy must decide whether or not she can “accept Dean as a River Boy.”

Will she accept Dean’s darker nature, or will Dean and Ziggy reunite?

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