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Home and Away’s Tane and Nikau face a new struggle after court appearance


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Tane and Nikau Parata from Home and Away are dissatisfied following their court appearance, which will be on UK television next week.

Following their involvement in a hazardous incident with Tex Wheeler’s biker gang, Tane and Nikau have been waiting for a crucial court date.

Tane and Nikau have both been publicly identified despite the fact that they were both working undercover and assisting the police.


By doing this, they keep their cover intact and keep the biker gang from becoming suspicious.

Tane and Nikau return from court with the good news that everything went according to plan and they were exonerated in the episodes airing on Channel 5 the following week.

Unfortunately, the two Paratas can’t quite go on. Nobody in the neighbourhood is aware of their cooperation with the police because there is still a cover-up of what actually occurred that day.

Since the truth hasn’t been made known to the public, Nikau is concerned that his friends and neighbours will always have a negative opinion of him and Tane.


Fortunately, Nikau is relieved to see that his boss John Palmer handles the circumstance with composure. John makes the decision to stop asking questions after being relieved to learn that Nikau is unharmed and has a clean record.

Tane finds it more difficult to move on and begins to ask John some unexpected questions regarding the lease for the gym.

Soon after, Tane informs Nikau that he wants to sell the gym since he is no longer certain that the venture is right for him.

This choice appears to have been influenced in part by Tane’s brother Ari purchasing the gym using stolen funds, which no longer sits well with Tane.


Nikau advises Tane to avoid rash judgments and proposes they seek spiritual direction from the Taiaha.

Could Tane’s decision be influenced by this?

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