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Home and Away’s Cash Newman upsets Marilyn and Irene as Heather drama continues


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next week on UK television, Cash Newman from Home and Away starts to irritate his friends and neighbours.

After being involved in the most recent shooting incident and receiving Jasmine Delaney’s rejection, Cash is determined to alter his outlook on life and his job.

In forthcoming episodes of Channel 5, Cash makes his first return to the workplace following his stay in the hospital. The neighbourhood cop dismisses objections that it’s too soon for him to return to the beat, but his tough new policing style soon raises questions.


Dealing with Marilyn Chambers, whose secret daughter Heather Fraser is still making her life miserable, is one of Cash’s first jobs.

Heather uses Marilyn’s social media account to frame her by sending her adopted son Jett a harsh letter that implies an adopted child would never measure up to a biological one.

When John Palmer, Marilyn’s ex-husband, learns about the message, he is outraged, but Marilyn vehemently denies sending it.

Soon, Marilyn is being questioned from all sides as people try to figure out how she could have written such a degrading message.


As the most recent in a string of instances where Marilyn has acted suspiciously, Marilyn’s best friend Roo Stewart wonders if she should consult a doctor about her prescription.

Alf, the father of Roo, is less certain that Marilyn was to blame and thinks that someone might have hacked into her account.

Later, things worsen when Roo reads a bogus online review that critically criticises her tutoring skills.

Roo accuses Marilyn passionately of ruining her business, but Marilyn refutes the new allegations.


Irene Roberts supports Marilyn by advising them to submit this as a computer fraud offence to the police.

Although Marilyn is relieved that someone at last appears to be listening to her, Cash is not very helpful at the station. Cash is no longer prepared to be kind and patient with the neighbourhood since he believes that nice folks finish last.

As he tries to brush the incident off, Cash’s callous behaviour astounds Marilyn and Irene. Will Marilyn fail to get the assistance she requires?

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