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Home and Away’s Sam Barrett’s life – dual nationality, failed auditions and beach babe


Sam Barrett, a star of the Australian television series Home and Away, joined the cast in 2021 and has since become a fan favourite.

Although she was born in the United States and relocated to Perth when she was just four years old, the 22-year-old performer is actually from Australia.

Before landing her breakout role as Chloe Anderson in the soap opera Home and Away, Sam had acted in a few short films.

Chloe joined the ensemble as a “clever and outspoken young lady” seeking exploration of adulthood and adventure.


She was reared by a single mother and met Nikau Parata, a childhood friend, while travelling in New Zealand.

What is known about the actress’ life outside of the soap opera industry? To learn more about the star, continue reading.

Australia and America

The actress’s family opted to move, and she was born there, but they later made their way back and lived in Balcatta.

The actress and her family are close; she has shared photos of the two of them on Instagram in the past.


She has numerous brothers and is the lone daughter.

She returned to Australia and completed her acting training at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, graduating in 2018.

Sam played Daisy in seven episodes of The Heights, which focused on the difficulties faced by inhabitants of a social housing block, before her part in Sunny Bay.

As Chloe, she has been involved in a number of plotlines, including accidentally killing her father and breaking up with her boyfriend Ryder.


Fifth time’s a charm

Sam had to go through a staggering five auditions before she was able to get the position in Home and Away.

She tried out for other characters up until the directors decided Chloe Anderson was the ideal fit, at which point she relocated to Sydney, where the programme is filmed.

She claimed that despite the hurdles, everything happened in a couple of weeks and that the show has taught her a lot.

According to the actress, her first day on set “didn’t even feel real” and was more like “a bit of a dream,” but she has since come to realise that “everyone is willing to help” and that she “learns a lot every day” from the cast and crew.

Sam was taken under the wing of Ray Meagher, who has played Alf Stewart on the show since the first episode back in 1988.

Sam said to Perth Now that it was “very strange” to meet Ray Meagher for the first time and simply converse with him. Ray and I were in one of the first scenes that I really got to shoot. It was amazing to work with him because, if you watch Australian television, you are familiar with him.


Being a cast member of the Australian soap opera, which Barrett said she had grown up watching, “was a goal of hers”: There are undoubtedly some folks on the show that I like because there are so many newcomers.

Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Melissa George, Simon Baker, and Ryan Kwanten are some Home and Away actors that had their major breaks through the programme.

Beach Beauty

Sam enjoys sharing selfies on her Instagram, which is full of unretouched images of the celebrity.

Sam seems to enjoy nothing more than unwinding on the beach like a true beach belle.

Her astonishing natural beauty continues to wow admirers, as evidenced by the flood of positive comments on her most recent selfie, including “cute,” “pretty,” and “wonderful.”

Sam has very distinctive facial features, a pronounced bone structure, and an airy appearance that enchants viewers.

She has an amazing figure and frequently wears her brunette hair straight.

She was photographed while filming a scene for the soap opera with co-star Lukas Radovich, flaunting her amazing physique in a vivid blue bikini as they played in the sand.

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