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Home and Away star Rob Kipa-Williams is really sad over the split of Ari and mac


I liked the thought of them remaining together.

Ari Parata and Mackenzie Booth, who played a solid pair on Home and Away, split up earlier this year, and it turns out that fans weren’t the only ones who were disappointed.

Ari’s breakup with Mac, which occurred after Ari decided he wanted to be a family with his ex-partner Mia Anderson and stepdaughter Chloe Anderson again, has left actor Rob Kipa-Williams unhappy, according to Digital Spy.

I’ve been angry. In the breakup of Ari and Mac he expressed his disappointment. I liked Emily Weir (who is a player on Mac), whom I would form a bond on the screen and like the idea that during Ari’s Home and Away period, they remained a solid couple.


There was something about the Astoni family that I really liked, and I thought it would be fun to play a character who isn’t a player and is committed to his relationships.

But, after what’s happened in the last few months, is there any hope for Ari and Mac? Rob isn’t convinced.

He told us, “I think there’s always a possibility for rekindling relationships.” Mack, on the other hand, has been severely harmed as a result of it all.

After returning to the Bay, Ari enjoys becoming part of a family unit again with Mia and Chloe. Ari and Mac are yet to be seen to try again in the future, but now they love being part of Mia and Chloe’s family unit.


Actor Rob expressed his delight at the chance to learn more about Ari’s experience and how it has affected him.

It helped us determine why and how Ari went to jail, and I think that it is fun to play an actor who has so greatly merged with two characters in film and history. “It’s a beautiful story,” he said. It allows you to make something completely unique.

Rob gushed about his co-stars Anna Samson, who plays Mia, and Sam Barrett, who plays Chloe, saying that he has enjoyed working with them so closely.

It’s a pleasure to work with Anna; we get along well and are like best friends, he said. That, I believe, fits very well for the previous relationship that you’ll see on screen, and it’s been a lot of fun.


With Sam, she’s a fantastic actress, and we get to go back in time together, and you’ll see a lighter side of Ari in the way she’s played by Sam. People would be shocked by the father figure he has forgotten he is, or was.

Although Ari re-establishes his relationship with Mia and Chloe, Mac is pregnant with Ari’s child, but she is about to receive shocking news about her child on UK television next week.

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