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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney delivers upsetting news to Xander


What does Xander and Stacey’s future hold?

The resolution to Rose Delaney’s significant conundrum has been made known by Home and Away.

This week on Australian television, Rose had to make a difficult choice after discovering that her brother Xander was having an extramarital affair with Stacey Collingwood.

Stacey was upfront about her preference for dating multiple guys at once and her distaste for committed relationships when she first started dating Xander.


However, Stacey promised Xander that they may become exclusive later on in the relationship.

While on duty this week as a police officer, Rose found herself in a challenging circumstance.

When Rose ordered a man and a woman to stop hooking up in a car, she was astonished to learn that the woman in question was Stacey. Stacey even postponed a date with Xander so she could spend more time with her new flame.

After work, Rose persuaded Stacey to tell Xander the truth about how she had cheated on him. Stacey then begged for her silence, insisting that it was merely an isolated error, which left her feeling frustrated.


A hesitant Rose was made to do the honours when it became evident that Stacey had no intention of telling Xander the truth.

Since she couldn’t make your date, Rose revealed, “I caught her last night in a car with some guy.”

Xander agreed with Rose right away, pointing out: “I would still be in the dark if you hadn’t caught her. I am such a moron. I should have listened to her when she said she couldn’t work one-on-one. Why didn’t she let me know if she was having trouble?”

Later, when Stacey paid Xander a visit at the flat on the pier, he made it apparent that he was aware of what had occurred. Do they intend to part ways soon?


In March, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.

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