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Home and Away star reveals details about the show’s s*x scenes


Matt Evans of Home and Away has revealed details about the way the group performs s*x scenes.

He claimed that to establish boundaries and guarantee the set is comfortable, the ensemble collaborates with an intimacy coordinator.

Theo Poulos, played by Matt Evans, has had romances on the show before. His characters, Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) and Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson), have been in two committed relationships with him.

Before any s*x scenes occur, Evans told Yahoo Lifestyle that having an intimacy coordinator work with them is a “essential step” for the parties involved.


According to Matt, “they’ll essentially get you in the room and have you talk about what you’re okay with and what you’re not comfortable with, [and teach] the simple things like asking permission before you touch each other.”

“You’re touching hands, shoulders, and other parts of each other. Following that, we’ll go over the fundamentals of touching you where you like and don’t like to be touched.

It’s a very wonderful thing to have and very much necessary.

The cast also fills out a page on which they can indicate their level of familiarity with various behaviours.


The actor also says that after talking with their scene partner, the cast might add or eliminate events from the script.

“You’ll frequently discuss it with your partner beforehand, perhaps by saying, “Hey, if there’s a kiss scripted here, we could do that.”

“Or, if it’s not scripted, you might want to insert one just for impact, and you can discuss it with each other. It certainly makes things more simpler, he claims.

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