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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney considers Summer Bay exit after shooting drama


Will she say goodbye to Summer Bay?

In Home and Away, drama is never far away. Recent Down Under scenes featured a shocking shooting that might be the catalyst for Summer Bay’s unexpected departure.

While Cash, the victim of the spectacular shooting, is still alive, Australian viewers are aware that he is still in a coma and that there is no certainty that he will ever awaken.

Rose is feeling guilty about what occurred and holds herself responsible for his situation. She believes that if it weren’t for her, he would never have been in danger.


Rose was dating the evil Tex after falling for his falsehoods, and she was so determined to expose him that she lost focus, which resulted in the shooting, which she is still trying to come to terms with.

She finds it more difficult than she anticipated to testify against him, and she and Tane encounter additional difficulties when news reports about their association with the biker gang are published.

When everything starts to fall apart, Rose starts to think about her future. It appears that she may be considering making a fresh start somewhere else.

Tex obviously has feelings for Rose, but I don’t think he came to Summer Bay to fall for the neighbourhood cop, according to actor Lucas Linehan, who plays him in TV Week.


The only issue is that Tex’s gang, The Death Adders, comes first for him, forcing him to make difficult decisions when the going gets tough.

Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Cash, also spoke with the magazine and detailed how dangerous things are for Cash while he is hospitalised.

“The hospital has a tight atmosphere. Cash is actually in danger of dying. Everyone just wants him to live, he said.

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