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Home and Away’s Dean Thompson in punch drama with newcomer Remi


Dean’s envious side is really evident.

In forthcoming Home and Away scenes, Ziggy and Remi find themselves stranded by themselves in a shed in the middle of nowhere, but Dean is not as sympathetic as Ziggy would have thought.

The drama begins when the band Lyrik needs a new van to transport all of their equipment after Bob left and took their current one with him, according to TV Week.

As soon as Ziggy offers assistance, she and Remi leave to search for a probable replacement motor that should fix the band’s issue.


But when they get to the distant location and quickly learn that it was a fraud, even something as straightforward as buying a new vehicle does not go as planned.

They not only didn’t obtain the new van, but the car they arrived in was also stolen, leaving them with little choice but to live in a dilapidated shed that didn’t exactly exude hospitality.

They understand that they will have to stay put until am because they have no other choice and try to make the best of the situation by not bringing their phones.

When Ziggy does not come home, Dean sets out to find her, but he is unaware that she left with Remi, a person he has been suspicious of since he arrived because of his plans with Ziggy.


After spending the night looking, Dean has a breakthrough when he decides to go collect Ziggy in the morning. However, he is shocked when he opens the shed door and discovers Ziggy there with Remi.

Ziggy, who is glad that Dean has found her, approaches to hug him and thank him, but his jealously overtakes him, and he hits Remi.

Ziggy is appalled by his behaviour, but will Dean take responsibility and apologise, or is their friendship now in jeopardy?

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