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Love triangles, sinister figures and secret hook-ups: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


Lyrik’s problems erupt this week on Home and Away when Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) offers them a concert in Salt and Bob (Rob Mallet) quickly rejects the idea, stating it’s beneath them. Felicity panics over the next live music performance while the band fights, wondering if she’s taken on too much by buying half of Salt.

However, suspicion is aroused this week when Tex (Lucas Lineham) leaves the gym carrying a picture of Mia (Anna Samson) and Ari (Kirsty Marillier). Tex has been maintaining a convincing facade as the kind-hearted handyman who has won Rose’s (Kirsty Marillier) heart (Rob Kipa-Williams). Chloe (Sam Barrett) is also being watched by a nasty motorbike rider as she gets ready for her nighttime work at home.

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, August 15.

Bandmates of Lyrik fight as lead singer Bob’s ego takes centre stage.
Felicity, the new co-owner of Salt, has created her first event concept: band night. To her dismay, Mackenzie dismisses the notion and claims that their clientele is more refined than that. Felicity is insistent, though, because they need to broaden their audience because they aren’t making enough money. Mackenzie consents to a one-night trial, and Felicity’s enthusiasm quickly spreads. Felicity goes home to tell the band the good news as Mack starts putting up promotional posters all over the Bay. Everyone is thrilled, with the exception of Bob, who feels it is demeaning for them to support a friend by doing a charity show in a little coastal town. Although Bob makes explicit that they won’t be playing, Kirby claims that there are other members of the band besides him.


Will Felicity give way to the stress as Salt’s major relaunch approaches?

Lyrik votes on whether to play at the gig that night after some deft haggling from Kirby, and it’s three to one against Bob. They will have to play without him, the singer yells, in a fit of rage. As she observes the lighting being set up in Salt, Felicity learns of the most recent sketchy information and starts to panic. There are many things that may go wrong; for example, the entire band could leave, nobody might turn up, and they would then be further in debt due to the pricey lighting. Tane gives comfort by saying that she can tolerate a legal band night if she can handle poker nights. Felicity, though, isn’t so sure.

For Ziggy, Remi plays a guitar solo, making Dean envious.
Despite Felicity’s worries, band night is off to a fantastic start, with Lyrik proving to be a hit with the attendees. While Dean would prefer to watch from the sidelines with a beer, Ziggy is dressed to the nines and ready to rip up the dance floor. Ziggy and Dean have come to support Mackenzie. She accomplishes this while attracting the attention of guitarist Remi, who leaps off the stage to give her a guitar solo. Dean starts to feel envious right away. Who does this guy think he is? Dean approaches Remi while he is ordering a drink at the bar during a break. He has some things to say…

When Felicity learns about Eden and Cash’s hidden past, she is astonished.


As the evening goes on, Felicity starts to feel more assured about band night, but her pleasure at Cash showing up to support her quickly changes to confusion when he realises it’s Lyrik on stage. He makes a hasty attempt to flee, but Eden has already seen him. The audience cheers as she jumps from the stage and runs towards him, prompting him to grab her in his arms. At first, everyone is grinning, including Felicity, until she observes that Cash looks like a deer caught in headlights. Eden wonders why Cash isn’t interested in her as much anymore, while Tane wonders if they really had a love relationship. Felicity dismisses his offer, but when she confronts Eden later that evening, the performer admits to having slept with Cash in the past. Felicity is incensed – why hasn’t she known about their history earlier?

Tex acts suspiciously and flees while carrying a picture of Ari and Mia.

After their first romantic holiday, Tex and Rose have returned from the Bay together and are even more in love than before. Xander chooses to keep his pledge and refrain from meddling in his sister’s affairs despite his worries about their rapidly developing relationship. Tane has started going to the gym in the evenings to get in his workouts, but one night when he is by himself he decides to look about the workplace. He focuses on a picture of Ari and Mia that was on the front desk when they first acquired the gym, and he steals it before leaving. Why does Tex need to steal a framed picture and why is he interested in the Paratas?

Felicity and Rose watch in horror as Cash and Tex fight?
The morning after the gig, Eden and Cash decide to start over after realising they need to talk things out. However, Felicity jumps to the wrong conclusions after being startled to discover them cuddling up close. Cash responds defensively that they are now just friends when she confronts her brother. Irene hears Felicity advise him to be careful. To prevent charges of concealment, she advises Cash to tell Jasmine and Eden about each other. Rose then overhears as she passes by with Tex and comments, which only serves to aggravate Cash further. He loses control and Tex steps in, which is not well received. Are the two men preparing to fight in front of Felicity and Rose as they watch in horror?


On a motorcycle, a menacing man follows Chloe from a distance.

Chloe is getting ready for her nightly duty at home when a menacing motorcycle-riding person in leather is seen lurking nearby. She ignores the figure and continues on with her day at work when Tex enters to start his evening workout. Everything is quiet until Chloe notices that the picture of Ari and Mia is missing. As she starts scrambling to get it, Tex asks if she needs any assistance. Chloe mentions the picture and identifies her mother and stepfather in it. Chloe is Ari’s stepdaughter, according to new information that Tex has learned about the Parata family. What will he do with this knowledge, and how does it relate to the evil person?

Nikau receives a kiss from Naomi before she retreats in shame.

Naomi arrives at the awards event dressed for the occasion while Nikau gets ready. Nikau uncomfortably compliments her appearance as she ties his tie properly. Nikau, though, feels overburdened and decides he can’t do it when John arrives to drive them all there. John is instructed to receive the award on his behalf as he hides inside the house. Alf confronts Nikau on the beach in the morning and tells him that last night, he failed both the Club and himself. Naomi approaches Nikau, who feels ashamed because she witnessed the confrontation. She tries to soothe him by listing all the reasons he is wonderful before giving him an impromptu kiss. In disgrace, Naomi flees after shocking Nikau.

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