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Home And Away’s original Irene now – Russell Crowe link, name error and role exit


Lynne McGranger is probably the first person you think of when you think of Irene Roberts from Home and Away.

The actress is well known for her role as the Summer Bay stalwart, which she has played continuously since 1993.

Many individuals might not be aware, though, that Lynne wasn’t the first actor to portray Irene.

She was portrayed by actress Jacquy Phillips when the role first debuted on the Australian soap opera in the latter part of 1991.


She stayed in the position until May 1992, at which point the producers of the serial opera hired Lynne to fill her place.

Jacquy has been involved in what else, and where is she now?

What made the role change?

For less than a year, Jacquy appeared in the soap opera.


She was mostly a theatre performer, so it may not have been the most logical decision for her to sign up for a spell in Summer Bay, but she liked it.

I never imagined I would work in a soap opera, and I’m not being snobby about it, but now I’m happy; I adore it, she later reportedly said, according to TV Week.

However, she made the decision to go on after about 15 episodes.

famous from horror films


Although the actress is more recognised for her work in theatre, she has recently piled up several roles in horror movies.

She starred in Wolf Creek 2, a terrifying film about a psychotic killer who kidnaps three tourists, in 2013.

She also appeared in The Babadook the year after that, an Australian psychological horror film about a mother who must deal with her child’s dread of a monster in their house.

Red Dog is one of Jacquy’s further film credits. She has also made appearances in TV shows like Police Rescue, Wildside, and Blue Heelers.

A Russell Crowe movie

Russell Crowe, a major Hollywood celebrity, has been on-screen with the actress before.


They both appeared in the Australian movie The Crossing in 1990, before Russell became the great star he is today.

The love drama followed a man who spent months away and came home to discover that his ex-girlfriend had started dating their mutual buddy.

Star’s name is frequently misspelt.

The actress’s name is spelled in a unique fashion, which has occasionally led to misunderstandings.

Although several sources state that it should be written “Jacquy,” she is often mentioned as “Jacqui Phillips” or “Jacqy Phillips” in other places.

As a result, the name of the celebrity appears differently in the credits of several of her TV shows and movies.

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