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Home and Away’s Johnny Ruffo pays tribute to his girlfriend Tahnee as he continues his brain cancer battle


In light of Tahnee Sims’ support during the former Home and Away star’s fight with brain cancer, Johnny Ruffo has spoken of Tahnee.

The fearless 34-year-old actor and entertainer has admitted that without Tahnee, he would be “lost.”

Johnny stated in a Tuesday interview with Now to Love that “She’s just everything.”

Johnny, who received his initial cancer diagnosis in 2017, announced earlier this year that he had a grave prognosis.


The well-known actor paid tribute to his partner, with whom he has been dating since 2015, during his interview with the journal.

He remarked in the interview, “She comes home from work and she’s probably so exhausted and just wants to have a break, and then she has me.”

“She wants to make me smile,” I said. I have no idea how she manages it. Really, I don’t.

In other parts of the conversation, Johnny explained how Tahnee had helped him cope with the difficulties of the chemotherapy he had to endure to treat his sickness.


The courageous X-Factor contestant claimed Tahnee was constantly by his side to encourage him when things were difficult to manage.

The talented artist has been open about the amount of assistance Tahnee has provided him, even acknowledging her in a WHO magazine article for “saving” his life.

In 2015, Johnny and Tahnee first met at a dance studio and have been dating ever since.

No Finish Line, Johnny’s biography that explores his life and ongoing cancer battle, was published last month.


As Johnny previously admitted to Who magazine, he loves Tahnee “more than everything,” and it crushes his heart to witness the suffering she is experiencing as his illness worsens.

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