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Home and Away’s Nikau Parata to face a new dilemma over Bella Nixon exit


spoilers for Home and Away are posted at an Australian pace.

Nikau Parata from Home and Away will have to deal with a new problem involving Bella Nixon.

Nikau severed all relations with Bella in recent Australian episodes, thinking that he was shielding her.

Bella had always planned to come back to Summer Bay after working in New York for a few months.


However, Nikau broke up with Bella over the phone when the Parata family and their loved ones were threatened by a deadly biker gang so that she wouldn’t return and find herself in the danger area.

Since Nikau made his difficult choice, his family is no longer in danger from motorcycles.

Especially after witnessing his uncle Tane’s happiness with Felicity Newman, Nikau has struggled without Bella.

Theo Poulos was informed by Nikau in Monday’s episode of Channel 7 in Australia that Nikau was leaving for New York to visit Bella after finally reaching his breaking point.


The end-of-episode preview then provided a glimpse of what was to come, demonstrating that Dean Thompson wouldn’t back Nikau’s rash ideas.

Finally, Nikau opens up to Dean about how he only ever ended things with Bella in order to keep her safe from the bikies. He now wants to tell Bella about this information to see if it has any bearing on their future.

Dean believes that it might already be too late for a reunion, though, given how well Bella is doing in New York right now.

Nikau hears Dean say: “Bella is doing well, buddy. Finally, she is advancing in her life. I’ll drive you to the airport if you still want to go there. But first, give it some serious thought.”


Will Nikau have to put his own feelings last once more? Given that Courtney Miller, who played Bella, is now a former cast member, it seems likely.

In September, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.

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