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Former EastEnders star Jo Joyner finishes filming new drama with Neighbours stars


Jo Joyner of EastEnders has finished filming her new drama Riptide, and she has shared some pictures from her time there while gushing about how much fun she had making it.

Jo stated the city would “forever have a special place in my heart” in an Instagram post about what it was like to shoot in Melbourne.

“The crew was the most laid-back during an intense shoot that moved at the fastest pace. Melbourne has won me over with its warm-hearted residents, urban design, countless works of art and graffiti, delicious cuisine, and inviting atmosphere.

The chance to reconnect with family who we hadn’t seen in a long time made this work even better.


Fans of Neighbours may recognise some of the people in the supportive words and the images from her stay in Australia, which also include Ben Turland (Hendrix Greyson) and Scott Major (director and Lucas Fitzgerald actor).

There are other Erinsborough residents on the programme besides Ben and Scott, including Peter O’Brien (Shane Ramsay), Ally Fowler (Zoe Davies/Nina Williams), and Pia Miranda (Karen Oldman).

The main character of Riptide is Amanda (Joyner), who must deal with her husband going missing when they are out for a morning surf. While many believed he had perished after being swept away by a riptide, there might have been more going on than anyone is aware of.

The studio where Neighbours was produced before final production wrapped up earlier this year is now home to Riptide.


It is the second joint drama project between Channel 5 and Australia, and Jason Herbison is once more in charge of it. The most recent programme, Lie with Me, aired last year and included Phoebe Roberts, Brett Tucker, Caroline Gillmer, and Charlie Brooks, an Eastenders actor at the time.

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