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Home and Away’s Matt Evans opens up as Theo set for ’emotional’ new storyline


Star of Home and Away Matt Evans has disclosed that Theo Poulous would soon have a “epic” and “emotional” storyline.

Since his introduction in 2021 as Leah Patterson’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew, Matt has grown to be an integral member of the Summer Bay community.

Matt teased Inside Soap about what’s in store for his character, saying, “Next year is going to be even cooler because I have an epic storyline coming up.”

“Theo is about to go through some new experiences that he has never gone through before, both emotionally and physically.”


Theo has been coping with the breakup of his relationship with Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson) for the past few weeks. He was shocked to learn that his former partner was an avid surfer, something she had never disclosed to him.

Following Kirby’s disclosure to Theo about her surfing mishap, their friendship appeared to have restored.

On Wednesday, September 13, the Channel 5 soap opera aired. Lyrik’s new album was well-received during its release, and the band participated in a Q&A session following.

Theo froze in front of the audience when asked about his relative inexperience.


Kirby intervened to save the day, praising Theo when she responded to the query on the group’s behalf.

But Theo let Justin know how embarrassed he was when he got home.

Matt talked candidly about his experience since joining the soap opera, acknowledging that he and his character had changed significantly since 2021.

“It’s very different from when I started,” he said, adding that it was always challenging to portray those immature tales because he was older than the role.


“I worked really hard to develop a more mature acting approach since it’s important for the character to grow.

“There has been a lot of music, which has been really great,” he continued. We always assumed Lyrik would only exist for a short while before going extinct, but it has endured and is connected to so many other stories.”

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