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Home and Away Spoilers – Rose rejected by Mali’s mum in tense family reunion


Rose gets more than she bargained for when she first meets Mali’s mother Vicky on the UK episode of Home and Away the following week, but Alf won’t listen.

Next week, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Mali (Kyle Shilling) will take a significant step in their relationship when Rose meets Victoria, the matriarch of the Hudson family (Ursula Yovich).

Mali froze when he saw his mother’s name appear as having liked a picture of him and Rose cuddling on social media earlier this week when the couple was using the platform to showcase the new Manta Ray Boards merchandise that was on sale.

Mali didn’t even know Vicky was following the Manta Ray Boards account when he shortly got a message from sister Elandra (Rarriwuy Hick) informing him that their mother was already inquiring about the identity of the girl in the pictures.


Since Rose visited Summer Bay earlier this year, Elandra is obviously familiar with her, but Vicky hasn’t been informed of this knowledge up to this point.

Considering that it took Mali several months to tell Vicky that he had left their birthplace of Mantaray Point, it should come as no surprise that he has remained silent about his new relationship—especially in light of Rose’s employment.

Early on, it became clear that Mali’s family did not get along well with the local police, and it was suggested that this was due to their Aboriginal ancestry. Mali has learned that not all police are the same, despite the fact that this was a first obstacle for her when she first encountered Rose.

Rose and Mali had a difficult start.


Later, Mali made the decision to confront Vicky about the situation. He then asked Rose whether she would be willing to meet his mother the very following day.

The following week, we follow Mali, Rose, and Vicky as they rendezvous with Elandra and Vicky in a park approximately midway between Summer Bay and Mantaray Point.

Given the short notice, Rose is already feeling a little nervous, but the situation becomes even more uncomfortable when Mali introduces his mother as Vicky, only for her to politely correct her by calling her “Victoria.”

Vicky invites Rose for a stroll, and Elandra tells Mali that their mother is excited to see Rose but upset with Mali for keeping her a secret. That has been proven by the two hours of stillness she endured on the way down.


Vicky tells Rose that her youngest kid seems to be developing the tendency of just telling her half-truths, and she soon starts to warm up to her. Mali is further entangled when Rose unintentionally reveals that she and Mali have already broken up.

When the four sit down to eat together (Vicky prepared some tucker for everyone), the mood has completely changed and the topic of how Mali and Elandra earned their names comes up. Vicky says that the word for a wedge-tailed eagle in Gamilaraay is Maliyan, which is Mali’s entire name. He was given that name to offer him strength since in the east coast community, eagles are revered as protectors and guides.

Following the somewhat awkward tale of Elandra’s naming, Rose is questioned about her own. Rose is intrigued by her name, though she is unable to explain why.

However, when Vicky asks Rose what she does for a job, things swiftly take a different turn. Mali tells Vicky that Rose is actually a police officer—a revelation that even Elandra is shocked by—and it’s the moment he has been waiting for.

Vicky says they’re heading out right away, and Mali follows after her as she makes her way to the car.

Vicky expresses her disdain of Mali’s attempt to stop her by informing him that his late father would be embarrassed of him.


Elandra begs Mali to make amends with her and apologises to Rose before going on to elaborate while Vicky waits impatiently in the car.

Iluka, Mali’s brother, has a history of drinking and fighting. Despite his attempts to turn his life around, the local police have unfairly targeted him and anybody else he associates with.

The family has mistrust for the police because both Mali and Elandra were stopped by them for simply strolling down the street with their brother. Rose concurs that it’s improper.

Mali apologises to Vicky in the meantime, and she tells her son that although she would much rather Rose had a different job, this is more about him not being honest with her.

Mali tells his mother he loves Rose and accepts full responsibility for his crimes, but will Vicky be able to accept her?

at another scene at Summer Bay, John (Shane Withington) realises that Alf (Ray Meagher) is having trouble hearing, yet he still worries about him.

John could have easily assumed that Alf was simply ignoring him, but when he saw Alf pledge to accept a delivery for Mali and then completely deny knowing anything about it, he realised there was more going on.

Later, when John saw him straining to hear Martha on the phone, he quickly identified Alf’s problem.

After organising a special meeting at the surf club as a pretence to get Alf alone, John tried to speak with him, but all he got was a stern lecture before storming off.

The following week, after several attempts to reach Alf are unsuccessful, John expresses his worries to Marilyn (Emily Symons), who, understandably, rejects his notion since she is certain that she would have noticed if Alf was losing his hearing at home.

John questions if Alf was seated exactly across from her when she affirms the next day that he heard her properly the night before, pointing out that he would have still been able to read her facial expressions.

Later, when Alf arrives at the coffee cart, the two test John’s theory, and when Marilyn turns her face away from Alf while they are chatting, it just proves that John was correct all along.

John leaves Marilyn to bring it up with Alf once more, but he doesn’t acknowledge that anything is amiss because he realises too late that Palmer has been talking.

Alf returns to the city the following morning without saying anything to his companions, expressing his lack of gratitude for the intervention.

Is it possible for someone to reach Alf?

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