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Home and Away’s Mali Hudson falls out with Xander Delaney in explosion aftermath


Next week, on UK screens, Xander Delaney and Mali Hudson from Home and Away will have a falling out as Mali struggles to recover from the recent explosion.

When Mali raced to save Roo Stewart and John Palmer after they inadvertently drove off with a Stunning Organics box that contained a hidden explosive device, he became a hero in Summer Bay.

Mali was caught up in the explosion as he hurried to warn the couple, and when he began to experience severe ringing in his ears, a perforated eardrum was found to be the cause. His ability to instruct surf lessons at Mantaray Boards, his surfing business, has been impacted by this.

Next week, Channel 5 in the UK will feature scenes where Mali and his girlfriend Rose Delaney choose to be the faces of new Mantaray Boards goods.


Later, Mali is surprised by Rose’s brother Xander with some fresh posters promoting his surf lessons.

Xander will have to take the lead in instructing for the time being because Mali’s injury prevents him from returning to the water for some time.

Mali is shocked when Xander begins the session right away without first reviewing the surf conditions before heading out to meet a new customer.

Mali seems to be having trouble delegating tasks for his cherished company, and he’s having trouble accepting the possibility that Xander may educate in a different way than he does.


Afterwards, Mali chooses to express his regret to Xander for his actions, acknowledging that it was inappropriate for him to vent his current frustrations on him.

Can they talk about their disagreement that arose over a shared pizza at Salt?

This new chapter in Mali and Xander’s relationship follows shortly after Xander assists Mali and Rose in unravelling an odd mystery — the pair experienced a break-in at Mali’s house, during which the enigmatic intruder left a menacing note.

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