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Following this week’s Australian episodes, these are the six major Home and Away questions that arises.


Spoilers from Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away follow, which some UK viewers will choose to avoid.

In Australia, an emotional week of episodes of Home and Away aired, with Mackenzie Booth dealing with devastating news and Susie McAllister’s victims attempting to rebuild their lives.

Meanwhile, the sinister nurse Lewis Hayes appears to be a source of concern for the people of Summer Bay.

Following the recent Australian episodes, we’ve been left with six major questions.


1. Will Lewis kill a main character?

At the moment, all eyes are on Lewis, who has made it clear that he will go to any length to exact his evil revenge on Christian.

Lewis has already come dangerously close to murdering Ari in a cruel attempt to end Christian’s career once and for all. Ari was only rescued when Mia entered the room and unwittingly interrupted Lewis’s heinous plot.

The display also implies that Lewis is to blame for the recent deaths of Christian’s other hospital patients, with the surgeon reportedly suffering much more casualties than average.


Following the death of yet another patient, Lewis hoped that Christian would eventually be struck off in this week’s episodes. However, he is saddened to hear the next week that Christian has been cleared, with the hospital determining he does not have a case to address.

The latest trailer for Home and Away suggests that everyone might be Lewis’s next victim, so should we be concerned about our Summer Bay favourites?

2. Will Mia respect Mac’s privacy?


Mackenzie had a terrible week, as she was rushed to the hospital in excruciating pain after collapsing at home. Mac was rushed into surgery after doctors discovered a ruptured fallopian tube caused by an ectopic pregnancy. Her pregnancy was unsalvageable.


Mia happened upon Mac’s tragedy by accident while visiting Ari in the hospital, where he was recovering from his hit-and-run. Mia offered condolences, but Mac declined, saying that she had no intention of keeping the baby and didn’t want Ari to know what had happened.

Mia later did the right thing by honouring Mac’s wishes and not informing Ari of what she knew, despite the fact that he had already sensed something was wrong. But could the pressure of keeping this quiet start to weigh heavily on Mia?

3. Is Willow reuniting with Alex?

Willow has focused her efforts since returning to Summer Bay on assisting her friends in reorganising their lives. As a result of Willow’s efforts, Dean now has a happy family life with Amber and Jai. After Colby’s incarceration, Willow was also able to make amends with Bella.

Amber sought to repay the favour this week by subtly urging Willow to think about her own future. Since saying goodbye to her girlfriend Alex last year, Willow has been single.

Willow will start to hope for a future with Alex again, according to teaser spoilers for next week’s shows, and Home and Away stars Sarah Roberts and Zoe Ventoura have also fueled expectations for a potential reunion.


Could Willow end up back with Alex – and what will this mean for her future in Summer Bay if she does?

4. Have we seen the last of Susie?

ingenious Susie has left a trail of devastation in her path as she flees Summer Bay. After defrauding Leah and Justin of their $90,000 life savings and duping numerous local businesses into supplying sponsorship money under false pretences, the sneaky schemer fled.

Who donated money to Susie demand answers from the Surf Club, and John, Alf, and Roo have been left to pick up the pieces.

So far, it’s unclear if Susie has left the country for good or if her victims will ever find her. Would the people of the Bay ever see justice for the individual who turned their lives upside down? Let’s hope that’s the case!

5. Is Justin facing a new crisis?

Justin was troubled this week by more than just the loss of his savings. He also suffered from excruciating back pain, which took a tragic turn when he nearly died and surfing while not in peak condition. Dean was left to swim out and save Justin as he was dragged underwater by the force of a massive wave.

In the aftermath, Justin was adamant in his response, opting to rest at home rather than head to the hospital to have his back examined. Is it only a matter of time before Justin has to face reality and seek treatment?

6. Are the teens’ friendships under threat?

This week, Chloe and Ryder made their relationship official, putting an end to their pretence that they always hated each other. While the likes of Ari and Roo were supportive over the new relationship, the pair’s closest friends Nikau and Bella weren’t so enthusiastic.

With Chloe and Ryder still in the early stages of their relationship, their over-the-top behaviour soon irritated Nikau and Bella. Nikau and Bella were both overwhelmed by Chloe and Ryder’s insistence on double dates and hanging out as a foursome, as they only needed some alone time.

Is the gang in need of some breathing room as they adjust to their new dynamic?


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