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Home and Away’s Lyrik to be arrested in Theo drugs storyline


The members of Lyrik will be arrested in a narcotics narrative that will air in the UK the following week on Home and Away.

Theo Poulos will be shown doing drugs with Valerie Beaumont, his new girlfriend, in later sequences. Theo informs Valerie that Justin knows about the drugs and wants her to move out at Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan’s wedding.

Valerie can’t bring herself to throw the pills away, even though Theo begs her to. Instead, she tucks them away in one of the band’s guitar bags.

The following day, Kirby Aramoana calls a band meeting and tells Eden Fowler and Remi Carter of what has been happening with Theo.


They must go in the van to retrieve all of their stuff since Lyrik had left it at the wedding location the previous evening. Remi drives off to hang out with Stevie Marlow, while the others argue their way back to the location.

As their discussion heats up, they pass a police cruiser driven by Rose Delaney that is equipped with a speed monitor.

Rose merely want to alert them to the fact that their brake light is out, but Theo accelerates out of control. He acts so erratically when he finally pulls over that the policeman insists on searching the vehicle and discovers the bag of drugs in the guitar case.

Rose notifies the band that their van will be temporarily seized.


Rose isn’t taking any chances and arrests Theo, Kirby, and Eden despite the fact that his drug test results are clean and he is adamant that the drugs belong to him.

Reluctantly calling her brother Levi, the only person remaining who might be able to assist, Eden becomes enraged at the thought of spending the night in jail. Levi then shows up and bails them out.

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