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Home and Away Spoilers – Mali’s brother Iluka to arrive


Iluka, Mali’s brother, comes in Summer Bay this week on Home and Away in Australia. Will danger follow?

In January of last year, Mali Hudson (Kyle Shilling), the board shaper for Dean (Patrick O’Connor), arrived in Summer Bay.

Mali was originally brought to Summer Bay by Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to assist her in setting up the nursery for Dean and Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman) baby, complete with handmade tiny surfboards. Mali lived at neighboring Mantaray Point, a few hours up the coast.

It was not long before we discovered that Mali was one of seven children, having four sisters and two brothers back home who had given him three nieces and five nephews.


Since then, Mali’s mother Victoria (Ursula Yovich) and one of his sisters, Elandra (Rarriwuy Hick), have been presented to us.

Shortly after coming to Summer Bay, Mali started seeing Rose (Kirsty Marillier), but he quickly distanced himself when he learned that she was a police officer.

Mali clarified that in his hometown, you couldn’t trust the police, implying that this was due to his family’s Aboriginal ancestry.

But in the end, he agreed to give it a shot after realizing that Rose wasn’t the same police that he and his family had known in Mantaray Point.


We discovered the actual depth of the family’s emotions as we got to know Victoria, the mother of Mali.

He invited Rose to meet her after learning from Elandra that his mother had seen pictures of them together on the internet, but Rose declined as soon as she found out about his employment.

We found out that Iluka, Mali’s brother, has a history of drinking and fighting. Despite his attempts to turn his life around, the local police have unfairly targeted him and anybody else he associates with.

The family has mistrust for the police because Mali and Elandra were both arrested for simply strolling down the street with their brother.


Now, Iluka—played by Dion Williams—is about to make his debut in Summer Bay.

In this Wednesday’s episode, Iluka makes an unexpected appearance. Mali is happy to see his elder brother, but he quickly begins to question why, after all this time, he has finally shown up at his house.

It doesn’t take long for us to discover that Iluka is in danger and has fled from “some very bad people from the brothers’ past,” according to TV Week.

What has Iluka done, and is he going to cause Summer Bay even more problems?

Furthermore, is another current favorite going to get entangled in the drama surrounding the newcomer, given that spoilers for Thursday’s episode indicate that “Mali’s brother takes a shine to a Summer Bay local”?

Dion Williams is well-known for his roles in Angry Boys, The Time of Our Lives, Gallipoli, and Last King of Cross, where he most recently played JT.


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