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Home and Away’s Leah Patterson to leave again after wedding decision


Leah Patterson of Home and Away is preparing to depart Summer Bay once more after reconsidering her decision to wed Justin Morgan.

As viewers are aware, Leah’s trauma from her abduction by the cult Vita Nova caused her to require mental health care at an in-patient clinic. As a result, the couple has been cautious in their relationship.

Leah has been working with Justin to mend their relationship since her return, and she has also been concentrating on getting her life back on track.

Scenes with Justin and Leah celebrating together after he finishes his community service will air in the UK the following week. But Justin is thinking on something else; he wants to know her thoughts about their wedding.


Leah confides in Valerie, her new friend, about her anxieties around the relationship, as she is terrified of Justin’s desire to be married.

Leah tells Justin that the wedding is back on and she can’t wait to be his wife after feeling soothed by Valerie’s words and heading to the beach.

Her declaration makes Justin ecstatic, and he dives headfirst into wedding preparations. But, Leah gets overwhelmed and begs him to hold off on telling everyone for a few days.

After Leah assures her fiancé that she is not having second thoughts, he agrees to keep their wedding preparations under wraps, but he can’t resist his excitement when they later visit Irene.


Seeing Justin’s excitement, Leah eventually gives in and consents to notify people about their wedding. Though ecstatic to hear the news, Irene discreetly follows up with Leah to make sure nothing is happening too rapidly.

But as soon as Justin hears Leah talking to her therapist on the phone, his joy about their impending marriage is quickly tempered. Dejected, Justin confides in Leah that he is aware of her doubts regarding their wedding.

Leah reassures Justin that she hasn’t altered her mind, and with her doctor’s approval, she consents to stay another week at the clinic. Justin is in favour of this.

Prior to her departure, Justin expresses his pride in Leah and reattaches her engagement ring to her finger, symbolising his unwavering presence in her life.


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