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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane faces arrest after Summer Bay return


Tane comes to Summer Bay with baby Maia this week on Home and Away in Australia, while Theo is left to decide between Valerie and his life with Leah and Justin.

Tane (Ethan Browne) made a terrible choice last week when he took infant Maia from Northern Districts Hospital.

Since discovering the infant several weeks earlier, abandoned in Summer Bay’s sand dunes, Tane had been connected to him.

Tane gave the infant the Maori name meaning bravery, Maia, and started looking into being her emergency foster carer after the parents chose not to disclose their whereabouts despite widespread media coverage.


Upon discovering that his absence of residency in Australia hindered him from submitting an application, Roo (Georgie Parker) took initiative and submitted one of her own.

But soon after, another foster family was located, and Tane had to consider the possibility of bidding farewell to the child permanently.

Tane was not even allowed to attend the hospital to say farewell since he had an AVO against him as a consequence of an altercation with Coastal News journalist Peter Rolfe. He had one last chance to see the infant he had been so connected to when Dana (Ally Harris) decided to smuggle him into Northern Districts late at night out of sympathy.

However, Dana made the stupid choice to leave Tane and Maia alone, and Tane and the infant were vanished when she returned a few minutes later.


Dana was devastated to take the fall for Maia’s abduction, and even her sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne) made fun of her for her mistakes, which seemed to be happening all the time.

In an attempt to entice Tane to return to the bay, Dana texted him repeatedly. However, she only got a brief response from him telling her that Maia was okay and requesting that she cease messaging.

Tane learns this week how foolish his actions were. He chooses to turn himself in because he is the focus of a nationwide search and knows that he will eventually be discovered.

As Ethan Browne explains that his character’s choice would have far-reaching effects, TV Week announces that Tane has been detained and will go on trial: Ethan informs the paper, “He’s definitely going to serve time in prison.”


Even worse, he still has to worry about losing Maia to the government foster care system—exactly what he was hoping to avoid.

Tane hasn’t had a criminal record up until now, despite the notoriety of the Parata family and a few bad choices he’s made at Summer Bay. Will Tane be imprisoned for his acts, and is all of that about to change?

In another scene, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) dropped a bombshell that revealed Theo (Matt Wilson) had taken money from him to use for drugs. Justin (James Stewart) is coping with the impact from this revelation.

Since Valerie moved to Summer Bay earlier this year, Theo has developed an addiction to party drugs. Theo quickly recognised the advantages of them, since Valerie uses them to get through difficult times.

When Valerie (Courtney Clarke) found out that Theo had only pretended to take one pill during one of their sessions, she grew concerned and encouraged him to take another as an apology, even though Theo had tried his hardest to kick the habit early on.

The two were desperate for more last week, but they didn’t have enough money, so they had to betray the man who had provided them a place to live.


Theo informed Justin that although Lyrik was scheduled to perform at Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) wedding, the band did not want to be paid, but he did require immediate funds for sound equipment.

Justin gladly complied, but a few hours later, when he brought up the arrangement to a perplexed Kirby, she discovered that Theo had actually stolen the cash to buy drugs.

Kirby had to confess to Justin that she had known Theo and Valerie had a drug issue for a while, but she had kept it to herself. Justin begged Kirby not to tell Leah about his impending nuptials as he hurried to attempt to contact Theo directly.

Theo arrives in time for the biggest wedding of the year to air tomorrow, and Justin has to pretend to be a happy family in order to avoid interfering with the event. Theo plays the best man with abandon, not knowing what lies ahead.

After the wedding is concluded, Valerie pulls out her tiny pill bag and proposes to Theo that they go out and enjoy themselves.

“Don’t you want to be an even better best man, come on?” As Justin looks on worriedly, she asks in an encouraging tone.

Then Justin seizes the chance to speak with his nephew.

“Want to let me know what’s happening?”

Theo shoots back, “I would, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“About you robbing me of money so you can purchase drugs.”

According to TV Week, the police will now be involved in the coming weeks. According to the article, drugs are going to be discovered hidden in the Lyrik van, which will lead the authorities to look into it.

Justin is ultimately compelled to tell Leah the truth as he learns what has transpired.

Theo is informed by the newlyweds that they both believe Valerie is not the right partner for him. Theo knows they’re right, but his heart tells him otherwise, and he’s not prepared to let go of the girl he was starting to fall in love with.

Will Valerie win Theo around to his way of life?

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