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13 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Mac ends their romance with Levi after learning shocking information about his marriage on the next episode of Home and Away.

Tane finds an abandoned baby girl on the beach, while Dana is devastated when Xander turns down her advances for a sexual relationship.

This is the complete set of 13 incredible moments.

  1. Kirby is hesitant to trust Valerie

Kirby is thrilled to hear that, as a result of their gig, she and Theo have been given two interviews.


However, Kirby questions Theo’s suitability for the position given his recent partying habits with Valerie.

Kirby’s charges infuriate Theo, who says she should put her trust in him to conduct the interviews independently. She nods in agreement but confides in Justin that she thinks Valerie is a negative influence.

  1. Eden greets the wife of Levi

Eden shows up at Levi’s apartment in the city without warning.

Levi wants Eden to pretend he was with his wife Imogen instead of telling her about his recent trip to meet Mackenzie since he doesn’t want her to know. She accepts the falsehood and doesn’t realise her brother has betrayed her.


Eden is overjoyed to meet Imogen and learn all about her plans to bring Levi into the family in the future.

  1. Mac’s heartbreak

Levi cancels his most recent plans with Mac because he feels guilty about cheating on his wife.

She accepts it with grace, but when Eden tells her about meeting Imogen and remarks on how fortunate Levi is to have her, her attitude changes.

The next shocking revelation is that Levi and Imogen plan to become parents.


Mac is devastated by the news and begins to doubt her own knowledge of Levi.

The rescheduled wedding of Leah and Justin

When Justin brings up the subject of their getting married, Leah becomes nervous.

Valerie offers her guidance and motivates her to proceed; Leah pleasantly surprises Justin by announcing that the wedding is once again scheduled.

Leah worries that everything is happening too quickly as the mechanic dives headfirst into the preparations for the important day.

Leah calls her therapist in need of comfort, but when Justin overhears the exchange, he is devastated.


Leah departs from the Bay.

Leah is told by Justin that he is aware of her reservations regarding their saying “I do.”

She tells him that’s not the case but also that her doctor has extended an invitation for her to stay at the clinic for a week, which she wishes to accept.

Leah’s decision is supported by Justin, who also puts her engagement ring back on her finger as a memento of their love before she departs.

  1. Bree gets an employment offer.

After his accident and her father’s passing, Remi and Bree spend their first night together.

As the couple travels down memory lane and reminisces about their first date and kiss, they appear closer than before.

Bree, however, is taken aback the next morning when she gets an email from Doctors Without Borders offering a spot on their training programme in Belgium. Will he consent?

  1. Bree decides on love.

Remi is informed by Bree about her possible work opportunity. Although he urges Bree to follow her dreams, she finally chooses to decline the chance.

Bree outlines her motivations, saying that she wants to spend as much time as possible with the people she loves, including her father.

  1. Friend zones for Xander Dana

Dana is starting to develop feelings for her secret infatuation, Xander, and it doesn’t take Irene long to figure that out.

After Irene tells Harper, she begs her sister to let Xander know how she really feels.

After finding the bravery, Dana is shocked to hear Xander say he views her more as a younger sister.

  1. Rose becomes combative with Xander

Xander confides in Rose that he thinks he has destroyed their friendship, while a mortified Dana confides in Irene and Harper.

Rose acknowledges having prior knowledge of Dana’s crush. Xander says he’s never heard of this before and wishes he had been warned.

Rose responds by advising Xander to act morally, stating that Dana deserves his generosity and candour.

  1. Alf drops a huge reveal.

Cash sees Alf after quitting his new job in security, and he admits that he is the anonymous donor to the Surf Club.

Alf gives Cash credit for helping to confuse Roo and John, but it soon becomes clear that they won’t be fooled.

Alf, who has been pushed to the brink, acknowledges that he has saved the company, but he informs Roo and John that he has had enough.

  1. Tane discovers a newborn on the shore.

As soon as one mystery in Summer Bay is cleared, another one pops up when Tane finds a baby girl on the beach, sleeping inside a gym bag that was left abandoned.

Tane brings the toddler to the hospital to be examined as there doesn’t seem to be anybody else nearby.

She has been given the all-clear medically, and Tane has obviously fallen in love with her because he won’t leave her side.

  1. Valerie receives a warning from Kirby

Theo and Valerie take advantage of a free place, get inebriated, and wind up sharing a bed.

However, Kirby is shocked to learn that Theo is high and has forgotten about his impending interview when she spots him the next morning as he emerges from the surf.

Unable to control her tongue, Kirby threatens Valerie and insists that she cease providing medication to Theo. Will she pay attention, though?

  1. Mac laughs at Levi

Tane tells Mac that she worries that he’s growing too attached to the unidentified infant when Mac arrives at the hospital.

After that, Mac runs into Levi at the park and bluntly tells him that if he wants to create a family, they are done.

When Mac realises that Levi is serious about leaving Imogen, she becomes extremely alarmed and decides to end their chaotic relationship.

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