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Home and Away’s Leah Patterson-Baker disappearance linked to blog posts online


At last, Home and Away has offered some potential explanations for Leah Patterson-Baker’s enigmatic disappearance.

Ada Nicodemou’s beloved character hasn’t been seen on Australian television since going missing during the lead-up to the 2019 season finale episode. The story will shortly premiere on Channel 5 for fans in the UK.

In Australia, Channel 7’s show from Wednesday, February 12th, went deeper into the ongoing mystery and raised the possibility that Leah had been abducted.

The unsettling prospect surfaced when Leah’s family members noticed that her previously closed blog had been reactivated with a few troubling new entries near the end of the previous year.


When they noticed that a plethora of anti-feminist posts had been put online in Leah’s name, Maggie Astoni, Roo Stewart, Justin Morgan, and Tori Morgan became alarmed. Spelling mistakes and a nasty tone made it obvious that Leah wasn’t the one at fault.

While it’s plausible that Leah has been compromised, Justin proposed the unsettling hypothesis that she was coerced into giving up the password following her abduction.

The police received the most recent evidence immediately, and Colby Thorne told Leah’s family not to expect answers right now but to be patient.

Even yet, eager Justin developed an obsession with visiting the blog to see if there were any new postings or hints, and he even recommended writing a remark to move things along faster.


Colby strongly cautioned against doing this, stating that they would have to go undercover if anyone found out.

Will Justin heed Colby’s counsel, or will the need to intervene on his own be too strong to resist?

In late March, Channel 5 will air these moments for fans of Home and Away in the UK.

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