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Home and Away Spoilers – Leah makes a secret return to Summer Bay


Next week, Dana receives crucial information that might help salvage the surf club, and Justin is devastated to learn that Leah has returned to Summer Bay without telling him on Home and Away in the UK.

James Stewart’s character Justin is heartbroken to learn that Leah (Ada Nicodemou), who is presently serving time in a mental health clinic, has made a covert return to Summer Bay!

After experiencing night terrors and sleep deprivation that led her to hold Justin at knifepoint in the diner, Leah made the decision to go to the clinic freely, thinking that he and others nearby were involved with the cult Vita Nova.

Since Bree (Juliet Godwin) had informed Justin that he wouldn’t be permitted to communicate with Leah while she sought therapy, it was believed that she may be gone for a few weeks.


Justin was devastated to discover that Marilyn (Emily Symons) had not only written to Leah but also replied.

The clinic informed Justin that it was against their practice when he approached them directly and asked to speak with Leah. Justin wrote his own letter in Alf’s (Ray Meagher) office because he wanted to write down his views right away, but he asked Marilyn if she would slip it in with one of hers.

Justin was forced to start over since Marilyn refused to deceive her buddy.

Marilyn is taken aback when she gets a call the following week from Leah, who is returning to Summer Bay on the same day. She does, however, beg that they keep it a secret from Justin in addition to asking if she may stay at Summer Bay House with Alf, Roo, and Marilyn.


Although Leah’s motivations are beyond Marilyn and Alf’s comprehension, they naturally decide to assist her.

Though Leah is just one of many individuals Alf regards as “family,” he is torn between feeling guilty over lying to his close buddy Justin and regretting it, especially since he is aware of how much Justin is suffering without Leah.

Upon seeing Alf, Justin inquires as to whether Marilyn is still in correspondence with Leah and requests that she offer his regards. Alf ultimately concludes that he cannot keep the information a secret from Theo (Matt Evans) and Justin.

Leah is going home today and staying with Alf, but Justin and Theo have to keep their distance, he says, adding that he’s only telling them this as long as they obey her desires.


When Leah arrives with Marilyn, Alf throws up his arms to greet her; her former chamber is ready and waiting.

Leah says that relieves some of the strain that no one knows she’s there, but Alf admits that he told Theo and Justin because he felt bad about lying to them.

Leah acknowledges that ultimately they would have discovered the truth, but she has mixed emotions about it. Leah finds it difficult to forgive herself for stabbing her beloved, and she doesn’t think Justin could ever be able to get past it. Alf believes she ought to give Justin an opportunity to demonstrate that.

Afterwards, when Leah calls Theo, he inquires about the clinic’s operations as he answers her phone.

Leah advises him to calm down because she knows he’s aware that she’s returned to Summer Bay and that she wants to meet him by himself.

Leah tells Theo that she’s made significant progress in the clinic as they walk over to Summer Bay House. Though it’s been weeks since she had a nightmare, she’s not comfortable facing Justin just yet.


Theo tells Justin that they should honour her wishes as he summarises the exchange.

After learning this, though, Justin becomes even more determined to see Leah, and soon after he knocks on the door of Summer Bay House.

Alf is still concerned about the future of the surf club, so Leah isn’t the only problem on his mind this week.

However, Alf disregarded the warnings from Simon Henderson, the club’s primary sponsor, who had escalated his son Banjo’s (Michael Cameron) grievance against John for making fun of his man bun.

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