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Home and Away’s Kirby Aramoana makes shock new Lyrik decision


Kirby Aramoana, who plays Lyrik in the most recent Australian episodes of Home and Away, has vowed to leave the role.

After getting a seductive offer to go solo, Kirby revealed her major choice on Wednesday’s double bill of programmes on Channel 7 (August 9).

The gifted musician and Forrest, a record label executive who only represents solo musicians, recently had a covert encounter.

Forrest proposed to offer Kirby a large contract, but only if she would leave Lyrik and focus on her own career.


Kirby was already doubting her future in the band, so the timing seemed right.

After her breakup with lead singer Theo Poulos, Kirby found working with Lyrik unpleasant and strained relationship between them.

In addition, Kirby felt that her bandmates underestimated her; she assumed most of the writing and promotion duties but got little credit for her efforts.

When Theo, Remi Carter, and Eden Fowler learned that Kirby was probably going to resign, they all suffered.


Though Remi and Eden were against Kirby’s ideas, Theo encouraged her to follow her own instincts, which was a more selfless course of action.

Kirby ultimately confirmed that her tenure with Lyrik was coming to an end when she paid band manager Justin Morgan a visit at his house.

“To start with, I just wanted to say thanks. You have been a really, really good manager,” she said to him. It really means the world to me that you believe in both me and my music.

“I have to act in my own best interests. I apologise profusely. As a courtesy, I simply wanted to let you know.”


After she made her decision, Kirby took a few days off in the city, especially because Forrest was eager to get her own career plans underway. When she gets back, though, she’ll definitely have to face the music with Lyrik.

Theo, who had heard Kirby and Justin talking from his bedroom, made the decision to go visit his mother for a while in order to decompress.

Lyrik’s future is now uncertain because of Kirby’s departure, since the band must now decide whether to be a trio or not.

Eden receives the news quite poorly, which may put her friendship with Kirby in jeopardy.

In September, Channel 5 will air these scenes for fans of Home and Away in the United Kingdom.

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