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Home and Away spoilers: Levi affair twist, Leah returns and blackmail bombshell


Fans of both teams should anticipate a lot of drama next week.

Marilyn is informed by Leah that she is going back to Summer Bay, but she does not want Justin to know. Leah requests permission to remain with Alf and Marilyn since she doesn’t feel ready to go back to her own house.

Marilyn promises Alf confidentiality, but he is torn about withholding this information from Justin. Alf tells Justin and Theo about Leah’s plans when he runs into them at the surf club.

Alf acknowledges that he had to tell Justin when Leah gets back. Leah gives her explanation for being away from home, acknowledging that she might not be able to get over the idea of stabbing the guy she loves.


Leah claims to have made wonderful progress in the clinic, even though she’s not ready to see Justin. Justin receives an update from Theo and shows up at Alf’s house.

Leah grudgingly lets him in, but makes an effort to emphasise how serious her mental health is. Leah retreats upstairs and summons Alf and Marilyn home to urge Justin to go when he begs her to go back home.

Alf is informed of Justin’s precarious status. Leah joins Justin at Salt after Alf tells her, but she is brutally honest. Leah informs him that before she can consider mending their relationship, she needs some time alone.

Alf informs Marilyn that another Surf Club member has resigned after Leah has gone to sleep. There is no management now that four people have left.


John goes back to racing the course for the bronze medal and makes sure he doesn’t do anything that could endanger his employment. When Dana hears Alf talking about the Surf Club possibly failing, she questions Banjo about his observation of his father, Simon Henderson, giving large amounts of cash to committee members.

Rose discloses committee members received money from Simon in exchange for their resignation, while Banjo affirms what he saw. Simon hangs up on Rose when she tries to confront him.

Then he informs Alf that he is cancelling his sponsorship completely. Levi informs Imogen, who lives across the bay, that he will be going home shortly.

After visiting the hospital once more, the doctor gives Mackenzie the all-clear to go. Mackenzie, however, is not content and extends an invitation to her house so they may discuss their relationship.


Levi clarifies that he cannot allow what transpired between them to occur again since he has professional limits. They share a bed in spite of this.

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