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Home and Away airs worrying cliffhanger in Tane Parata baby storyline


In Wednesday’s Australian episode of Home and Away (April 3), Tane Parata’s ongoing baby plotline was left on a major cliffhanger.

Just when it appeared that Tane and baby Maia were going to be reunited, Tane vanished.

A few weeks ago, the Summer Bay favourite discovered the newborn abandoned on the beach and became devoted to her.

Tane insisted on sticking by Maia’s side to watch out for her after saving her and getting her to safety. But shortly, a court order to avoid the hospital followed his developing infatuation with the child.


In order to give Tane time to register as an Australian citizen and eventually take on the fostering role himself, Roo Stewart recently consented to foster Maia.

Tane experienced yet another setback as a result of this strategy because Roo’s paperwork was not processed in time to be placed with another foster family.

Tane’s buddy Dana Matheson broke hospital procedure by sneaking him in to view the baby in Wednesday’s Australian-paced episode.

Dana regretted that Tane would not get an opportunity to say farewell to Maia before she was moved to live with her new family.


Dana foolishly left Tane alone in the hospital room with Maia, thinking that he would only be spending a few last minutes with her. This led to a troubling situation. The gym owner apparently had different plans since he completely vanished with Maia.

Upon entering the room again, Dana was horrified to discover that Tane and Maia had vanished from sight.

Rose Delaney, meantime, made progress in solving the Maia mystery with her most recent public call for the baby’s mother to come forward.

In an attempt to get in touch with her daughter again, a lady posing as Maia’s mother called the police. However, might Tane’s bold choice ensure that this doesn’t occur?


Tane’s actor, Ethan Browne, stated to TV Week lately that Tane believes the system has failed him. All that counts to him is that he thinks he’s doing what’s best for Maia.”

In late May, Channel 5 will air these moments for fans of Home and Away in the United Kingdom.

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