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Home and Away’s Justin to get suspicious in Theo’s drugs story


Next week, Justin Morgan of Home and Away will start to have doubts about Theo Poulos after hearing an altercation.

Next week, there will be scenes when Valerie Beaumont flirts with Theo over breakfast. Valerie is wary about showing her devotion in public even though she and Theo are sleeping together because she thinks Justin, Leah’s fiancé, and Theo’s aunt Leah may find out.

Later, in order to spend more time with Valerie—whom Leah originally met when they were both receiving mental health care at a clinic—she asks Justin and Theo to go surfing.

After they leave, Leah tells her friend straight out that the clinic was inquiring about her. Valerie’s counsellor is now concerned about her since she neglected to disclose that she had released herself.


Valerie objects, but Leah wants to repay her since she feels obligated to her for all of her help. Valerie, however, is adamant that she has and says that she feels much safer at home with Theo, Justin, and Leah than she does at the clinic.

Valerie grows distraught later and tells Theo to obtain more medicines for them both, but she still pledges to check in with her counsellor. Valerie kicks Theo off because she needs the high. Theo is reluctant. She assures him that he would assist if he truly cared for her.

Valerie gets frustrated because Theo refuses to give her a medication in spite of this. When he hears her discussing how Leah was released from the clinic on her own, he becomes concerned.

In a state of desperation, Valerie digs through Theo’s bag and guitar case before detailing her anguish and her parents’ guilt for her brother’s passing. Theo offers to get her a tablet after realising that this is sufficient.


Unfortunately, Valerie’s high happens right before Kirby Aramoana arrives, making Theo’s sympathies backfire. Although he makes an effort to support Valerie’s emotional state, Kirby is incensed at the person Theo is becoming into.

When Justin sees the argument, he starts to wonder about Valerie’s involvement and what Theo is hiding. Will Justin discover the reality?

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