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Home and Away love cheat Levi caught lying to Imogen


Levi Fowler from Home and Away will have to make an explanation to his sister Eden next week when she finds out that he has been lying to his wife Imogen.

When Eden discovers that Levi is avoiding spending time with his significant other, Levi tries to think up a plausible cover story.

Eden asks Levi for medical guidance in forthcoming scenes on Channel 5 after her closest friend Remi Carter pushes himself too hard after his recent car accident.

Eden phones Imogen out of desperation after her sibling is unresponsive.


After the Remi matter is settled later, Eden speaks with Levi privately. She says she spoke with Imogen, who disclosed that Levi hadn’t been at home for the entire week.

Eden found himself in a challenging situation because Imogen thought Levi was in Summer Bay visiting his sister.

Eden begs to know what’s going on even though she reassures Levi that she covered for him.

Levi is concerned that Mackenzie Booth may find out about his affair, but he quickly comes up with a lie, saying he “needed space” to stay in a hotel.


Eden wonders if Imogen’s wish to have children is to blame for this predicament. Leaning on this justification, Levi “confirms” that this is the reason he has been concealing things.

Eden is understanding, but she also expresses her displeasure at being Levi’s front to keep his wife from knowing. She cautions him not to put her in such circumstance once more.

Levi nods in agreement, but concerns that his primary justification for frequently visiting Summer Bay is now gone, even though he’s happy to have kept his secret a secret for a little while longer. Now how is he going to see Mac?

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