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Home and Away’s Cash Newman panics over shocking death news


Cash at Home and Away Next week, Newman becomes terrified when he learns that the person stalking Stevie Marlow may be a murderer.

When Stevie casually mentions that one of her film co-stars recently passed away under questionable circumstances, the former cop is taken aback.

After being harassed by a stalker, movie star Stevie just recruited Cash to be her bodyguard.

The person in question seems to be an obsessive fan of Stevie’s horror movies because there are unsettling parallels between the real-life atrocities and the fictional plots.


In the Channel 5 episodes airing next week, Stevie receives a message from Cash about an enigmatic number that was scrawled on the back of a picture that the stalker sent her.

The murderer in Stevie’s Death Throes movie wrote the same number. Cash can’t help but worry that the stalker is planning to kill Stevie in an attempt to mimic the movie.

When Cash decides it’s time to look into this more, he asks Stevie if any odd things have happened to the other cast members.

Stevie reveals that Crystal, one of her co-stars, passed away a month ago. Cash is upset that he found out about this only now, but Stevie counters that since Crystal’s death seemed to be an accident, it didn’t seem to matter.


Still, Stevie notes that there’s an ongoing coroner’s inquest because it’s unclear exactly what happened before Crystal passed away.

In an affecting speech, Stevie describes how Crystal was her best friend and how it didn’t make sense for her to die by “falling” off a cliff.

Later, Cash is suspicious when he hears a knock at the door and discovers that Stevie has received a teddy bear from someone.

Stevie assumes it’s just a harmless fan gift, but Cash opens it up and discovers a hidden camera and microphone within the bear.


Cash removes the recording devices right away, but not before the malevolent sender managed to get a photo of him and Stevie together. This quickly surfaces on the internet through a private social media account.

Is someone who might kill Stevie making fun of him?

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