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The best off screen moment from the cast of Home and Away


After a chance run-in with some of the Home and Away cast members at the local Services Club on Tuesday, a young family’s night was made.

Isabelle, Aidan, and Evie Mesa are avid fans of the long-running Australian soap, and were astonished to see Ray Meagher, who portrays Alf Stewart, Lynne McGranger, Georgie Parker, who plays Roo Stewart, and Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah Patterson, when they ran into them.

After hearing that some of the Home and Away cast had dined there the night before, mother Rebecca Mesa claimed her eldest daughter Isabelle had wanted to go down to the Young RSL Club.

Isabelle was, indeed, on to something.


Mrs Mesa explained, “I made them run in to see if any of them were there before I went in, and they all came racing out to the car so thrilled saying, ‘Mum, they are in there,’ so I walked in and they were eating supper.”

“When they were done, I told Izzy to simply approach them gently and say, ‘I’m a huge admirer, do you mind if we take a picture?'”

Mrs Mesa stated that all four cast members were exceedingly courteous and willing to have their pictures taken.

“They [the kids] were really friendly to them and asked their names and some other questions, and they [the cast members] were quite polite back and said,’sure,’ and then they snapped the picture,” she explained.


“They were all giddy with anticipation.”

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