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Home and Away’s Jacqui Purvis shows off acting skills in short film


Jacqui Purvis is best known for her role as Felicity Newman on Home and Away, but the young actress is currently working on a totally different project.

On a thought-provoking short film on mental health and grief, the Summer Bay favourite will make her writing debut.

Jacqui published a teaser for Voicemails Last Forever, a project she’s been working on for more than two years, on Instagram on Tuesday night.

“I made a short film about mental health two years ago.” This is a project that I’m incredibly passionate about, and I’m thrilled to say that I’m finally ready to begin filming, but I need your support!” Jacqui was the one who shared.


“My team and I want to make a film that portrays depression, suicide, and loss in an honest, unfiltered way, showing how the affects fluctuate from person to person, but the basic reality remains the same- you are not alone.”

Jacqui is seen going through the phases of mourning in the sample film, while her voice recounts the feelings linked with sadness.

“Loneliness, alone with your thoughts, is a dangerous emotion.” You’re being led to doors you shouldn’t be opening. “I’m not accepted here, but I keep drowning myself,” she says.

“Undoing, crashing, crashing like a wave pushed by the sea’s madness.” I’ll crash now and glide to shore tomorrow. I’m sinking, drowning in my own thoughts, in a sea of gibberish.


“So, where do we go from here?” I’ll always adore you for teaching me to feel, but how can I feel without becoming numb?”

The heartbreaking footage begins with Jacqui’s character miserably sitting on a couch surrounded by booze bottles until she bursts out laughing.

Jacqui is seen naked in a bathtub, gasping for air and crying into the camera towards the end of the trailer.

Jacqui explained that she and her colleagues donated their own money into the initiative, but it still requires extra cash to get started.


“Any contribution, large or small, would be tremendously appreciated, and perhaps with enough money, we can make a fantastic film!” she added.

“I appreciate your assistance and for being a part of this adventure. Let’s make this initiative a reality!”

In 2021, Jacqui joins the cast of Home and Away alongside her brother Cash Newman, played by Nicholas Cartwright.

She previously discussed the position with TV WEEK, describing it as “very tough but in the best manner.”

“Every single day [on set] has been a dream come true for me.” “I enjoy the fact that my character has no filter and expresses exactly what she thinks, generally without apology,” she remarked.

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